Seven Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Seven Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Most feline lovers are aware of how much a kitty loves to nibble on a plant. Therefore, it can be quite a dilemma for you, where you have to choose whether to keep the plant or get rid of it to ensure the safety of your cat. Fortunately, a wide variety of indoor plants are available that bring new levels of greenery to your home and are non-toxic for your feline friend. Choosing the right cat-safe indoor plants to brighten up your living space can be a little difficult for new gardeners, especially when searching for those that are best for both flora and fauna. But fret not! After extensive research, we have gathered some feline-friendly indoor plants for you that are great for a start.

Money Tree

Money tree, with its palm-like leaves and braided stem, make an incredible indoor plant. You can place this mini tree anywhere in your living space, giving it a tropical look. It is non-toxic for your kitty companions and brings positive vibes to your home.

Cat Grass

Cat grass, as the name suggests, was exclusively added to the plant collection for the cats. This grassy indoor plant is a nutrient-rich treat for your feline. Always make sure to keep this grassy green treat away from other indoor plants so that your curious cat can only chew on this herb.

Red Prayer Plant

With its magnificent stripes spreading a blend of colors on its leaves, the red prayer plant makes it a must-have indoor plant. It can go with every corner of your home, giving it a nice, fresh look, especially if it contains a neutral color palette. It is completely harmless to your cat and other pets if any. Place it in a sunny spot to allow a good amount of indirect light and remember to mist its gorgeous leaves once every week as it loves humid soil.

Parlour Palm

Parlour palm is not the real palm plant that grows coconut or dates. Though, it is an incredibly attention-grabbing indoor plant that you might like to add to your houseplant collection. This gorgeous palm gradually grows to a height of about six feet, and your little cat buddy might love to chew on that. It's a pet safe plant, by the way. In addition, it is relatively buoyant so all you need is to ensure it receives bright direct light and water once every week.

Elegant Orchid

Orchids are more demanding than any other indoor plant when it comes to care and maintenance. With this plant in your home, your pets are safe, and that's a positive. Your feline's health will never get affected, at least not by munching your orchids. 

Kimberly Queen Fern

When placed in a planter under low to moderate light, Kimberly Queen Fern grows its aesthetic pale green leaves. You can stick this beauty in a hanging basket to keep it high, but your curious little kitty can reach its leaves anyway. While it is safe for your feline friend, you probably won’t want your queen fern to lose its beauty so be sure to keep it in a safe place.

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