Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs can chew on your indoor plants. It can be hard to keep your indoor plants away from your pets that are likely to chew. So, it's your responsibility to ensure that all plants in our home are non-toxic plants and safe for cats and dogs. It’s very helpful to know which indoor plants are safe for your pets so that you can enjoy the wellness of your plants without worrying about your pets’ health.

Areca Palm

Areca palm is also popular as butterfly palm (Dypsis Lutescens). It makes your interior look a part of the tropics. Often palm leaves can trigger your cat's playful biting instincts, so it's relaxing to know that the palm isn't harmful to your cats and dogs.

Venus Fly Trap

Carnivorous indoor plants make an amusing and funky addition to your plant collection. However, what happens when your kitty likes to pounce on any of its traps when they shut instantly? Venus flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula) is completely non-toxic to your pets so that a quick nibble won't cause them to need a trip to the vet. Keeping your plant in bright sunlight and providing them distilled water will allow them to be in fly-catching condition.


The hard, strappy leaves and the curious cone-shaped flowers of your bromeliad make this plant one of the most favourites of indoor plants. These are considered pet-safe plants by all means. They are easy to care for and require only a bright light window and a humid environment to grow. Most of them thrive as soil-free epiphytes connected to a log. It makes bromeliads more pet-friendly for your cats that love to dig into potting soil.


Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) are well-known gift plants, especially on Mother’s Day or Valentine's Day. If you get one of these beautiful bloomers, you don’t have to worry about this plant harming your cats or dogs. Provide this Brazilian native plant with indirect sunlight and consistent moisture.

African Violet

African violets are among the most well-known indoor plants because of their ability to grow in low sunlight, average humidity, and moderate temperatures. All these environmental conditions are suitable for people as well. They are also pet-friendly plants that you may want in your home.


Other large indoor plants such as the weeping fig create a bold statement in your space but are toxic to your pets. However, a banana tree (Musa) is considered a dramatic accent houseplant completely safe for your cats and dogs.

Baby Tears 

The creeping mat of small green blooms of baby tears offers character to small hanging baskets, terrariums, and a companion plant surrounding the base of your indoor trees. They too are pet-friendly plants. However, baby tears cover the soil and may discourage your pets that love to dig in the houseplants.

Spider Plant

The Spider plant (Chlorophytum) looks as charming as it did years and years ago. These beauties are also popular as ribbon plants or aeroplane plants. This cool plant is completely non-toxic and safe for your cats and dogs. The spider plant can tolerate a great range of moisture, light and soil conditions.

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