About Us

Life's a lot cheekier with plants πŸƒπŸ˜†

Why Choose Us OverΒ Flowers? πŸ‘‡

1. We provide meaningful & long-lastingΒ gifts for theΒ moments that matter πŸͺ΄

Cheeky Plant Co. was founded with the purpose of bringing joy to people’s lives, through the power of greenery.

Established in 2020,Β we have grown to become one of Australia’s leading online plant gift shops.

2. Flowers wilt, plants grow on πŸ₯€

We started our journey out of a shared frustration with floral gifts that withered away in just a few days.

Flowers wilt, but plants keep growingΒ and that's why we are passionate about sustainable, vibrant, living plant gifts that last.

3. Our mission is to plant happiness in peoples' lives 😊

We work with reliable local growers and suppliers across Australia and internationally, to provide our customers with high quality plants andΒ gifts.

Whether it's collecting plants, decorating homes or sending heartfelt gifts to loved ones, we love knowing that we help our customers with planting happiness.

4. We’re proud to be an Australian-owned Business 🦘

From humble beginnings to now being widely recognised across Australia as the alternative to flowers, we are proudly rooted in NSW Australia.

πŸ’‘ Did you know?Β SomeΒ flower delivery businesses operating in Australia are actually owned and run by big businesses from overseas! Do your research :)

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To everyone who has been a part of our journey so far. Your support and trust mean the world to us. Let's keep planting happiness together.

Thank you for choosing Cheeky Plant Co. as your go-to online plant gift shop!

With love,
Cheeky Plant Co. TeamΒ πŸ’š


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