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Our Story

Cheeky Plant Co. is an Australian online plant store and boutique nursery based in Sydney NSW, started by a brother and sister who used to have black thumbs. Until one day, they discovered the secret herbs and spices to looking after their out-of-control, constantly growing collection of plants. They were terrible plant parents, not knowing what plants to get nor how to even look after them. But after years of perfecting their craft, it was their calling to help others with expanding their indoor jungles or outdoor gardens.

Yeah, that's just a tiny part of the story 😛

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We've always been plant people from a young age - always had indoor plants in our house and a well-planted backyard because of our dad who was into fruit trees and ornamentals. As we got older, we had the money ourselves to spend on houseplants and we would go to Bunnings a lot. One problem we had was that a lot of the plant varieties we were after were never in stock. Finding all the wishlist indoor plants near us was almost impossible.

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The more plants we added to our collection, the more knowledgable we became. Indoor plants and succulents became our specialty over the years. One day we decided to build our own mini production nursery in a previously unused section of our backyard. We grew thousands of our own succulents as well as indoor plants to sell on online marketplaces.

After a while, we knew it was time to take the plunge and see where we could go with expanding our business to its own branded website. The startup of Cheeky Plant Co. came at a strange time as one of us had recently quit their job to take time off from their boring 9-5 office job. Shortly after, COVID-19 came about and with a suffering job market, it just brought a stronger focus into getting this new business up and running.

And here we are today, having sent thousands of indoor plants to thousands of customers all around Australia in the states of NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and SA.

Thank you for your continued support!

 In 2021, we were a top 10 finalist at the Local Business Awards in Fairfield NSW in one of the categories. As an Australian online plant store, we couldn't be prouder of what we've achieved so far.

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Why you should get more plants from us

✅ For each order, our stock is carefully hand-picked to ensure plants are in good shape before shipping out to your home.

✅ We put a lot of effort into securely wrapping and packing your plants to ensure indoor plants delivered by AusPost Express arrive safely to your home.

✅ To be eco-friendly, recycled boxes and packaging materials are mostly used for smaller orders, though we also use boxes purchased from our suppliers for bigger orders.

✅ We sell not just cheap indoor plants online but also the best indoor plants in Australia for all budgets, whether it's common houseplants or rare indoor plants.

✅ We ship our plants bare-rooted unless otherwise stated. This is to ensure the package is light enough for safe, cost-effective shipping for our customers. It is also a cleaner option as dirt won't be thrown everywhere if mishandled by the postal service.

✅ We accept Afterpay as a payment method so you can buy more plants now and simply pay later.

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The Dream

At the moment we're working towards the dream of starting up a physical store catering to drop-ins, click-and-collect and hand-deliveries within the Western Sydney areas. We're striving to be the best place to buy house plants online in Australia. Every online plant order goes into fulfilling our dream, so thank you for being a part of it :)

One day...



Fun Fact

The name of our business is in memory of our pet lutino cockatiel Cheeky. Besides that, we're not just a regular plant store - we've got our signature cheeky personality to push you to look after your plants better.

Our Mission

We try to make it easy for plant parents to pick out aesthetic plants for their home with the convenience of fast delivery and good value affordability.

All that we ask of you is to support us while we support you with tough love... oh we also hope you do keep your plants alive after they've been delivered to your home!

Our job is to conveniently give you the right plants. Yours is to look after them well.

Now go get some more plants :)

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