7 Indoor Plants That Are Great for Apartments

7 Indoor Plants That Are Great for Apartments

Apartments with wide windows and bigger space allow access to bright sunlight well. However, small rentals don't have the same design as the big ones and allow insufficient sunshine. For you, inadequate daylight may not be a problem, but for your indoor plants, it's a matter of life and death. Luckily, there are an enormous number of plants that can survive well if exposed to reduced sunlight and placed in tight areas of your apartment combined with plant-themed kitchen and homewares.

Let’s find some of the best plants for your apartment!

Philodendron birkin

The Philodendron birkin is a new and gorgeous variety of conventional Philodendrons. It has beautiful dark green leaves with creamy-white pinstripes adding extra charm to the whole plant. If you live in an average-sized home, this plant can easily adjust and grow well in that. Also, it is a low-maintenance plant having fewer water requirements and can thrive and survive in natural or artificial light.

Golden Pothos

Plant lovers looking for an indoor plant that is the easiest to care for and grow - Golden Pothos is the best one for you. If the vines overgrow and don't appear as you want, you can easily trim them anytime. These cuttings can grow new roots when placed in water, and eventually, you can get a whole new plant - another reason for its popularity. This Epipremnum aureum plant can also be a beautiful present for your friends or colleagues.

Chinese Evergreen

The delightful Chinese evergreen makes a wonderful addition to your apartment. This plant is amusingly durable and can hold up well if you overlook watering and place it in a low-light room. It is available both in small-size as tabletop plants and in large sizes to rest on the floor. Due to that reason, it is perfect for your living space and gives a touch of life and magnificence.

Silver Scindapsus

Silver Scindapsus is an excellent plant that is amazingly trendy and indulgent of challenging indoor environments. Its lustrous silver foliage looks marvelous especially when allowed to creep down a hanging basket. While it adores high to moderate sunlight exposure, it tolerates reduced light and infrequent skipped watering. This plant is a refreshing treat for plant lovers and is highly recommended plant for your apartment.

Spider plant

For many years now, the Spider plant has been a popular choice among houseplant lovers. It is an easy-to-grow kind of plant and thrives under low, moderate, bright sunlight. It can tolerate dry settings and grows offshoot ‘spiderlings’ that you can share with other plant lovers as it makes a fantastic housewarming present.

Nerve plant

The Nerve plant is a tidy and adjustable houseplant that will fit any corner and go with the decor of your apartment. It has a small build, yet the variety of colors it carries make it a giant among many indoor plants. Leaves of this plant are ostentatiously streaked in red, white, or pink. You need to water it frequently and allow it to rest in moist places such as the bathroom or kitchen for the best growth.

Dracaena Compacta

If you're searching for a quirky plant with sculptural form and the quality to adjust impeccably in every tight corner of your apartment, Dracaena Compacta is the one for you. This unique plant appreciates medium sunlight and grows relatively a bit slower. It is one of many popular houseplants which are great for growing indoors.

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