15 Best Pet Friendly Plants - Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

best pet friendly plants indoor plants safe for cats and dogs

A parent of both pets and plants will always face the chance of their canine or feline friend eating their plants. Plants can be easily replaced or recover from being chewed up, but a bigger issue lies with toxicity in certain plants, which can be very harmful to your pets. Having pet friendly plants ensures that your pets will be okay even if they ingest any of your plants.

Plants are a great addition to any home. They brighten rooms, provide oxygen and are a nice break from staring at your computer all day. However, if you live with pets, that could spell trouble. However, there is good news. There are several pet friendly plants available that will keep your pets out of trouble whilst you're able to decorate your home.

Pet Friendly Plants

Have you ever looked for safe house plants for pets whilst at a physical plant shop? It can be difficult to determine which plants are safe and which aren’t, especially when there are so many species of houseplants for sale. This is why we've gathered up a list of pet safe plants at our online store to make it easier for you to safely expand your indoor jungle.

1. Maranta leuconeura Red Vein Prayer Plant

The red vein prayer plant is a plant that answers all the prayers of pet parents who are after a pretty plant with interesting leaf patterns that is also safe for cats and dogs.

2. Peperomia clusiifolia Jelly Variegated Pink Edge

The pink edges of this jelly peperomia along with the variegated colours in the middle are so pretty, it's a shame your pets can't enjoy it's beautiful colours. As a pet friendly plant, this peperomia variety is just splendid.

3. Pilea peperomioides Chinese Money Plant

Ah, the classic chinese money plant with it's coin shaped leaves. Let's get one and hope it brings us more money to buy indoor plants safe for pets.

4. Microsorum musifolium Crocodile Fern

Crocodiles are not safe for pets but this crocodile fern is! This pet-friendly plant boasts a unique crocodile skin patterned foliage. It's definitely a fern worth having.

5. Peperomia ferryrae Happy Bean

A pet parent is usually happy with their pets, but they can also become a happy bean if they get this plant. This peperomia variety has bean shaped leaves, grows fast and is hardy - it can handle high light levels too.

6. Ctenanthe burle marxii Fishbone Prayer Plant

The fishbone prayer plant has a really aesthetic leaf pattern. This plant tends to raise its leaves up like it's praying not to be eaten by your cat or dog. If your pets do eat it, just pray for the plant - your pets are fine since it's non-toxic.

7. Calathea makoyana Peacock Plant

The calathea makoyana is probably the strongest calathea variety that is worth mentioning as a pet friendly indoor plant. It won't let you down like the other varieties where the leaves just crisp up and die.

8. Peperomia obtusifolia Variegata Green And White

Yes, pretty much all peperomia varieties are pet-friendly plants. This variegated edge version of the jade peperomia is much more sturdier and the leaves are harder for pets to take a chomp out of.

9. Peperomia caperata Silver Ripple

The rippled leaves of the Peperomia caperata are interesting to touch. It's a strange texture that you won't find on other indoor plant varieties. As a pet-safe plant, it can be placed high up on shelves with no issues as it can take low light.

10. Asplenium australasicum Birds Nest Fern

This native Australian fern can grow big if you let it. It's interesting curls in its foliage makes it look like a bird nest hence its name. Hopefully the name doesn't attract your cat or dog into eating it!

11. Peperomia Lemon Lime (Peperomia obtusifolia)

This is a variation of the jade peperomia. It has a beautiful light green colour mixed with mid-green which looks like it is painted on.

12. Phlebodium Blue Star Fern

The Blue Star Fern is not a commonly purchased indoor plant because people don't know about it. It has the coolest blue-ish green coloured leaves which grow into a few different shapes.

13. Peperomia caperata Ruby Ripple

This red version of the Peperomia caperata looks like someone applied dark red lipstick to it. It's a unique colour that you won't see on other similar plants and definitely looks better in person - this photo does it no justice! It may give poison apple vibes but it is a non-toxic plant safe for pets.

14. Peperomia Jade (Peperomia obtusifolia)

The original jade peperomia, this indoor plant is a staple for all plant and pet parents who want to introduce pet-safe plants into their household.

15. Chamaedorea elegans Parlour Palm

The parlour palm is a good and strong indoor palm plant that works well as a pet-friendly indoor plant.

Despite many common houseplants being toxic, there's still lots of amazing dog friendly or cat friendly indoor plants to choose from. It's also good to check up on an official database for plants poisonous or toxic to dogs or cats before bringing new plants into your home. Make sure you know what plants are safe for your furry friends. Nontoxic houseplants are ideal plants for homes with children or pets. They are also an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have the beauty of a green plant in their home, without having to worry about the plant making them and their family sick when they touch or eat it.

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