Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants Guide

Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants Guide

Even well-behaved and well-trained pets may have a curious tendency to eat an indoor houseplant at a random moment. You should know how to select your pet-friendly indoor house plants that are entirely safe for your small four-legged companions. We strongly suggest that you bring more greenery to your indoor space to help purify the air around you and improve your mood while ensuring that your pets are safe. There are various pet-friendly houseplants available, so you can have a great time enjoying many advantages of your indoor plants, even if you have a dog or cat with you. Below we’ve put up a list of indoor plants that will surely make you and your lovely pets happy.

Parlour Palm

A Chamaedorea elegans parlour palm is a small tree that every pet owner can keep. This pet-friendly, low-maintenance indoor plant is also a great way to begin for novices. That plant grows best in bright, indirect sunlight, but it can also flourish in low sunlight conditions. When their top inch of soil seems dry, water them, and your beautiful parlor palm might grow to attain a height of about eight feet (but around four feet) is more commonly seen.

Spider Plant

Among the easiest indoor plants to manage is this one. Growing your new spider houseplants from the babies that their mother plants produce is also pretty effortless. Your spider plants love bright, indirect sunlight, although they can also thrive in low sunlight.

Allowing its soil to dry between waterings ultimately can help this plant grow to a height of about 12 inches and width of around 24 inches and develop several baby plants.

Chinese Money Plant

Pilea is a very pet-friendly houseplant that likes indirect light or a shaded area, as well as less frequent watering. Care for yours well, and you can be gifted with a plethora of new pups to propagate and share with others needing to spruce up their home space. Your Chinese money plant is an extremely lovely and compact little houseplant that will happily thrive on your office desk, appearing cute. It’s strong and will manage a bump and a scrape. Its leaves can pop off, but they will grow back soon.

Maranta (Prayer Plant)

With their height of about six to eight inches, your Maranta prayer indoor plants are perfect for intact spaces like end tables and bookshelves. This plant gets its unique name from how its cream, crimson, and green leaves curl up during the night. It's also among the simplest indoor plants to cultivate that are pet-friendly. Maranta loves medium to low sunlight, and you can let its soil dry out slightly between waterings.

Polka Dot Plant

Include a burst of new design and vibrant color to any miniature gardens, mixed pots, terrariums, and more with your polka dot plants. This pet-friendly indoor plant features white or pink hues, and while it can grow up about three feet tall, polka dot generally stays small in containers (around 12 inches). Spot it in an area that gets bright, indirect sunlight.

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