Five Best Bathroom Plants That Love Humidity

Five Best Bathroom Plants That Love Humidity

Nowadays, decorating your bathrooms with houseplants has become a social trend. However, not all types of indoor plants can tolerate a highly humid environment. The following five plants make the best indoor houseplants that love humidity.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

The snake plant (Sansevieria) makes an excellent houseplant for your bathrooms. It is a humidity lover, and if you take some long hot baths, it won't need any additional watering. This plant has long vertical leaves that help in filtering toxins from the air. Experts suggest placing this gorgeous plant in small bathrooms because of the upwards leaf growth. Ensure to clean your plant's leaves frequently to let them soak up moisture from your bathroom and some light.

Air Plants (Tillandsia spp.)

The Air plant is easy to care for plant and advantageous to your overall health. It is a low-maintenance hardy plant that thrives in hot and moist environments, making it a right fit for your bathrooms. This plant doesn't require any soil as it takes up nutrition from the water, light, and air through small vessels present in the leaves. You can create a vertical garden using wire meshes and photo frames and hang this plant on your bathroom wall by gently threading it via a mesh grid. The moist air will flow around your tillandsia plant, making your green wall flourish all the time. You can also style an air plant terrarium in your bathroom for the ultimate low maintenance plant decor.

Boston Fern

Plant lovers with larger bathrooms must choose a Boston Fern. This plant is complete and bushy that demands ample space to thrive. So, it would be great to have a prominent place to play with while you create the bathroom canopy. Generally, ferns love to flourish in warm environments and highly humid areas which makes them fit in the shower plant trend. You can house your plant in a hanging planter if there is not much room on your bathroom's shelf. Make sure to hang it near your shower to let your houseplant fern enjoy a splash of water each time you bathe.

English Ivy

The Hedera helix English ivy plant is a moisture lover and is excellent at air purifying your room. For your bathroom haven, this plant makes an ideal choice. It is a fast grower, which means you can ideally use your bathroom's entire vertical space. Besides being fast-growing, this plant has aesthetic tailing tendrils that you can hang and clip to the bathroom wall, encouraging them to creep along with it. This plant can even creep your shower curtain rod and door frame quickly.

Spider plant

The spider plant may not seem too comforting for arachnophobes, but it is a bathroom must. Experts consider this plant a gift that keeps on giving a unique look and freshness to your bathrooms. Once mature, this clumpy lush plant begins sprouting offshoots which, by the way, you can easily trim and propagate to get more spider plants. If your bathroom's canopy is a little sparse, you can adjust your bathroom mirrors and place your plant near them. By altering the direction of reflection, it will provide the illusion of greenery.

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