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Are you looking for a beautiful and creative way to add life to your home? Look no further than air plant terrariums. Air plants (Tillandsia) make wonderful houseplants for many reasons, and there is no easier or more beautiful way to display them in your home. Discover amazing air plant terrariums which you can use as glowing centerpieces that will add a burst of colour to any space.

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Why Buy from Cheeky Plant Co.?

Why buy from Cheeky Plant Co.?

Here's what some of our Cheeky Planters have had to say about us :)

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Air Plant Terrarium Australia

Air plant terrariums and tillandsia terrariums – Before we talk about the benefits of having Tillandsia and air plant terrariums, we need to discuss why you should even bother having your own.

Air plant terrariums can make a stunning addition to your home decor. Air plants are amazing little plants that come from tropical climates. They can thrive with very minimal care which makes them a great addition to any household.

When choosing a live plant terrarium, air plants are the best choice compared to succulent terrariums. Air plants are much lower maintenance, need less light and have better longevity than succulents when it comes to terrariums!

Where can I buy air plants in Australia?

Have you ever wondered where you can buy air plants in Australia? Whether you are looking to buy air plants online or buy air plants locally. Cheeky Plant Co. is the place to make your air plant terrarium ideas come to life and help youΒ complete your collection today!

Air Plant Terrarium for Sale Near Sydney NSW

Are you looking for a terrarium to beautify your home and office? I’m sure you already guessed that we have just the thing that can fulfill your needs. That’s right, we have air plant terrariums! These terrariums come in several designs and they are available in our online store. Shop air plant terrariums for sale here at Cheeky Plant Co.

Tillandsia Terrarium

An air plant terrarium is basically an air plant in glass container which has been arranged along with otherΒ elements such as rocks, wood and pebblesΒ inside it to create a aesthetically appealing statement piece. Open air terrariums with tillandsias areΒ a terrific way to brighten up your desk, countertops, or any other small nook in your home.


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