How to Increase Humidity for Your Houseplants

How to Increase Humidity for Your Houseplants

Typically, most homes have low humidity levels, but many houseplants love to grow in humid environments. Some of your favorite indoor plants are tropical or subtropical that blossom in the moist underbrush of the forest. These conditions indicate that such plant varieties are poorly adapted to thrive in a home with low humidity. However, there are multiple ways to enhance the humidity levels in your home that will allow you to have your favorite houseplant types demanding higher humidity. You can use any of the following ways to increase humidity levels in your home around your houseplants.

Use a humidifier

Humidifiers are perfect for enhancing humidity levels in your entire room. However, many plant experts believe using humidifiers in a growing environment can also be an excellent way to raise the humidity.

Misting the plants

Misting your plants is another perfect way to raise the humidity. You can mist your plants by using a misting bottle. Fill clean water in the bottle, keep it in the growing area or your garden, and spray your plants with it every so often. At the start of the winter season, the humidity levels drop rapidly with a decrease in temperature, so misting your plants at this time of year can be beneficial. However, plants like African violet with velvety, hairy leaves don't like misting, so never mist such plants at all. If you mist, these plants can encourage fatal plant diseases.

Group your plants

Placing your plants together in a growing area can create a humid microclimate and benefit every plant. The plants, through their leaves, release moisture in a process known as transpiration. It is ideal for keeping your plants with the exact humidity needs close to each other. However, if you have both aroids and succulents, you should place them at different locations because succulents love low humidity, and aroids are famous for enhancing moisture through transpiration. 

Place the plants in trays containing pebbles

It is one of the popular ways to level up the humidity rapidly around the plants. Use a clean tray, add at least one inch of pebbles, then adjust the container on the pebbles. After that, fill the tray with clean water a bit up the pebbles, but never place the container directly in water as it encourages root rot and your plant will collapse. Whenever you clean your plants, always ensure to empty the tray and clean it to prevent the insect's growth and decrease the absorption of fertiliser salts accumulated in your tray. You can use more trays based on how many plants you have got. 

Switch to a terrarium

If you have tried everything to make ideal growing conditions still your plants aren’t satisfied, consider using a terrarium. It is an enclosed natural environment containing smaller plants and some soil. In this sealed system, plants can take up enough moisture and exhale through transpiration, having an outdoor water cycle. Terrariums work best for small plants demanding high humidity levels and temperatures.

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