Benefits of Air Plants (Tillandsia)

Benefits of Air Plants (Tillandsia)

It’s no big secret that air plants (Tillandsia) are among the most low-maintenance and easy to care for kinds of indoor plants. However, do you have any idea that these beauties have a lot more for you than just being an appealing or lovely addition to your plant collection? These plants come with some outstanding benefits, especially for your health. That will likely take you to get this gorgeous plant right away for your home or workplace.

So if you are still unsure about having an air plant, maybe the benefits outlined below will change your mind!

Best For Your Overall Wellbeing

Unlike other indoor plants, the air plant has tiny hairs on its leaves called trichomes. These plant trichomes help absorb water and capture toxins and harmful chemicals from the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde. Plus, they photosynthesize at night, similar to most other plants. In other words, air plants give out fresh oxygen, which enables you to inhale clean air even if you are sound asleep. Other than that, research shows that people surrounded by houseplants, specifically air plants, will enjoy the peaceful environment they need. It means these plants will help reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, and improve concentration and productivity at work or home by 10 to 15%.

Air Plants Are Pet Friendly

Everyone knows very well that not all indoor plants are suitable for our furry fellows. The great news here is that tillandsias are non-toxic to pets. So, if you have a kitty or dog that loves to nibble on your air plant, you have nothing to worry about as they'll be just fine. That's why air plants are a great option to have in your home or add to your new plant's collection.

Easy to Propagate

Air plants can flower and grow small offsets known as pups in about one or two years. You can remove these tiny pups and treat them as a whole new plant. So, if you want to purchase an air plant, it will grow into two or more soon without spending more money on them.

The Best Office Desk Plant

You might have heard that pots or containers are not always needed as the air plant doesn't require any soil to thrive. Or you can say, having these plants in your workplace is much less messy than bringing soil-dependent plants. Additionally, this plant can grow under filtered sunlight without excessive space as they are already available in the required sizes.

Ideal For Decorations

Like most other succulents, air plants have a variety of unique textures, colours, and shapes. It enables gardeners and designers to make any space look more sophisticated and appealing. Since you don't need soil for your air plants, you can make them suit any room and place them in any beautiful pots or containers such as air plant terrariums or tillandsia terrariums. It allows you to transfer your plant from one place to another without any hassle. Additionally, air plants can thrive easily on different surfaces such as driftwoods or shells, providing you with a chance to show your creativity with them.

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