16 Easy Houseplants - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants that are Hard to Kill

Easy Houseplants - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants that are Hard to Kill

Want to enjoy some greenery without breaking your back trying to keep them alive? Low maintenance indoor plants may just be the answer. However, not all plants are created equal when it comes to low maintenance, and some plants are simply hard to kill.

Low maintenance indoor plants typically fall into two categories: those that grow slowly and require little upkeep, and those that tolerate neglect but are susceptible to plant pests and plant diseases.

Every plant parent worries about the health of their plants - sometimes questioning their ability to look after them properly. Plants can get pampered a little too much with overwatering and sometimes simply neglected or forgotten about. Regardless of which one you may be guilty of, there's plenty of 'easy houseplants' or shall we say low maintenance indoor plants out there that are considered hard to kill.

We've compiled a list of easy to care for plants that will likely stay alive for even the hopeless plant parent.

1. Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) / Pothos

A classic beginner plant that can grow in all sorts of conditions. It can be grown in water too. The devil's ivy grows long and fast and is an easy one to take care of.

2. Peperomia ferryrae Happy Bean

This plant will keep you and itself happy for quite a while. It's a type of Peperomia with a strong leaf foundation so the leaves won't just curl up and die on you randomly.

3. Zamioculcas zamiifolia / Zanzibar gem / ZZ Plant

Touted as an 'almost invincible' plant - the ZZ plant can handle lots of neglect such as low light and underwatering.

4. Senecio rowleyanus / String of Pearls

The string of pearls is a nice hanging succulent plant that grows well in low to medium level light and doesn't need too much watering. It is also very easy to propagate - just give it a haircut and replant whenever it gets too long.

5. Sansevieria ehrenbergii Star

This snake plant is highly tolerate of low light and can also handle high light. Also does not need too much watering. Once it grows huge it will be a head turner for sure!

6. Peperomia Jade (Peperomia obtusifolia)

Looks great with it's green oval leaves which are strong and healthy. This is a peperomia that is quite hardy.

7. Syngonium podophyllum Robusta

A syngonium that is robust and lives up to its name. This plant can be well in low light conditions and is easy to look after - if the leaves perk down, it needs a watering.

8. Philodendron birkin

The Philodendron birkin is a super sturdy philodendron which can actually handle high light levels. It's leaves are very thick and strong.

9. Ficus elastica Burgundy

This ficus variety can grow very large. Being tree-like, it is quite hardy and once established, you can't go wrong with it.

10. Portulacaria afra Penny Jade

A succulent variety that can grow tall and develop a trunk and branches like a tree, the portulacaria afra can handle underwatering and as long as it has some light, it will do fine.

11. Monstera deliciosa

This is a common houseplant that is probably one of the top few entry-level houseplants. It is definitely an easy one as it does well across all seasons if kept indoors. When grown outdoors in-ground, it can become gigantic!

12. Peperomia caperata Silver Ripple

This crinkle-leafed peperomia variety looks awesome with the ripples but is also an easy houseplant to look after. Water every few days and make sure it gets filtered light.

13. Ficus elastica Ruby

Same variety as its burgundy counterpart, this ficus elastica ruby has beautifully coloured leaves and looks better the older it gets. It is a strong plant that bounces back easily.

14. Epipremnum aureum Snow Queen / Devil's Ivy / Pothos

As part of the devil's ivy family, the snow queen is quite sturdy but not as sturdy as its original form. Keep away from strong sunlight due to its pale foliage and this plant should be safe and sound.

15. Tradescantia Zebrina / Wandering Jew / Spiderwort Plant

Tradescantia zebrina is a super fast grower that can handle all sorts of conditions. It grows best in medium to high light and can survive underwaterings and overwaterings.

16. Tradescantia Pallida "Purpurea" / Purple Heart

Purpurea is also a quick grower and turns a strong dark purple in optimal conditions. It is similar in care requirements to Tradescantia zebrina meaning it should be easy!

The demand for low maintenance houseplants is continually increasing. As people become more and more accustomed to the indoor greenery trend, many homeowners are looking to bring nature into their homes without the hassle of upkeep. While searching for low maintenance houseplants, you will likely run across a really good option that seems like too good to be true: low maintenance indoor plants that don’t need water, sun or any other special treatment. It sounds awesome, but unfortunately it does not exist. Every plant needs some basic care with light and water. But there are plants out there that have better odds than others of surviving on minimal care.

Even if you think you're no good with plants, don't give up! There are so many beautiful and easy indoor houseplants for you to choose from. Purchasing easy care indoor plants means you won't have to worry too much about plant health and can focus more on expanding your plant collection. There are also indoor plant fertilisers from suppliers such as Plant Doctor which you can use to feed your plants over time, increasing their chances to thrive.

If you'd like see more low maintenance indoor plants, make sure to check out our low light indoor plants blog post.

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