Six Best Indoor Plants for Your Bathroom

Plants are an inexpensive and excellent approach to spruce up every corner in your home. It is particularly true for a bathroom where layout selections usually don’t involve more than just the color of one’s bathmat. However, it's challenging to maintain vibrant greenery thriving in a space where temperatures can swing from cold to warm in just a few minutes. Ahead are six robust and low-maintenance plants that enjoy high humidity, warm temperatures, bright or low light and add a perfect look to your bathroom. Check out these bathroom plants:

indoor bathroom plants

ZZ Plant

We will start our plant list with the Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the ZZ plant. It is a glossy-leaf indoor plant that is almost impossible to kill. The ZZ plant blossoms in low, direct sunlight and is incredibly tolerant to humid conditions. Well it's not so surprising after knowing it hails from Zanzibar, which is a place high in humidity and the temperature ranges between 0°-30° celcius all year long.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) are a trendy choice for lightening up your bathrooms.  Dark areas are a pleasant location for your peace lily, which prefers low light but also enjoys misty tropical environments. This plant also grows gorgeous white flowers that will enhance the elegance of your bathroom.

Golden Pothos

While talking about indoor plants, golden pothos aka the devil's ivy, is one of the ideal plants for your small bathrooms. You can easily hang them high or drape them at any angle you want. The golden pothos can also endure an array of lighting conditions, and it adores warm temperatures. You can quickly propagate pothos throughout your home from making stem cuttings and placing them in water (use a plant propagation station).

Boston Fern

The Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), a popular indoor plant, originates from the tropical and sub-tropical rain forests. It is a perfect plant for your cozy and moist bathroom. Indoor ferns do, however, require a decent quantity of indirect or filtered sunlight. Where excessive direct sunlight can burn down its leaves, low or no light at all can hinder the growth and trigger yellowing of your plant. Mist them, particularly on dry days.

Air Plants

You can never find as easily a growing plant as the air plant. These beauties have over 700 unique varieties, and they don’t require soil to stay alive. You can hang them in hanging baskets, place them in a pot, make an air plant terrarium or use these air plants to fill any voids and corners of your bathroom. They’ll fulfill most of their water needs just from your hot steamy showers. However, if they seem too dry, provide them a short bath or sprinkle some water on them from time to time. With similar characteristics to air plants, bromeliads are also a great option for bathrooms.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a low-light and extremely easy to care kind of houseplant. It loves humidity, and that makes it your perfect bathroom buddy. Never forget that spider plants shoot off "spiderettes," which swing down its parent plant like spiders, hence the name "spider plant." It will thrive abundantly, mainly when placed under plenty of bright sunlight. You need to lightly prune your spider plant often to keep it compact and healthy.

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