How to Arrange Indoor Plants in Your Home

Indoor plants are a solid vibrant choice to give an aesthetic look to your home. In addition, they provide mental stimulation and bring creativity to your mind.

According to the NASA Clean Air Study of 1989, indoor plants can help lessen the air pollutants and reduce psychological stress. This can be applied in your very own home!

So the question arises of how do you acquire and arrange indoor plants to decorate your interior with a purpose of adding ambience and freshness to it? If you are one of those plant lovers who are probing the answer to this question, don't fret because we've got the answers.

arrange indoor plants in your home

In this article, we will bestow upon you the solution to how to best arrange indoor plants in your home. So let's get started!

Top Five Tips to Arrange Indoor Plants 

Whether you are looking to arrange indoor plants at home in your living room, bathroom or bedroom, or any other place, you should be aware of the innovative tricks like lighting, texture, and layering to make these places stand out. The top five tips present below will assist you to uplift your decoration ideas through the organising of indoor plants.

1. Adding to the entry ways

Seting up your greenery at the entrance of your home is makes for a grand scheme to welcome guests into your home. With their soothing colour and natural aroma, indoor plants attract and provide peaceful sight to visitors, making a magnificent first impression.

You have to choose tall and lean plants for this low-light bustling area. Snake plant and fiddle-leaf fig trees are primarily utilised for decorating entryways in such scenarios.

2. Fill up your higher points 

From living room to bedroom, every part of your home has some high places. Try to place your houseplants on those higher points.

Taller plants cannot be use in these above spots. Instead, select a medium-sized plant-like a cascading dragon tail pothos, young fiddle-leaf fig or Epipremnum aureum Devil's Ivy and place them on shelves or side tables.

3. Put them around your sofa 

The sofa is the essential need of any home and a prime spot for visibility. To present an embellished look of your living room sofa, decorate this place with tall plants.

Weeping fig, rubber trees, and Schefflera are some best tall houseplants with greenish leaves to display your living room cosy.

4. Hanging around the windows 

A window with greenery grabs the attention of the people at first glance. However, to make a fresher green window sight, you have to hang multiple plants on your windows.

Jade plant, Sago Palm, African Milk Brush, Wandering Jew, Devil's Ivy and Spider Plant are the lovely greenery that you can install on your windows.

5. Apply the Rule of Three 

Usage of indoor plants in odd numbers is a great way to create a stylish and classic look for your place. Even-numbered grouping on the other hand does not make as strong of an impact.

Mix up the plants based on their size, thickness and area in an odd group. This rule of three gives an excellent blending and natural look to your home. You should apply this rule to any arrangement of indoor plants at your home or office.

Summing up

To conclude, we advise you to provide enough light, water and air to keep your indoor plants alive. Follow all our above arrangement tips to keep your home looking attractive and fresh. Now you can go off and start to make your home look appealing and enchanting whenever someone comes over!

In addition to using live plants, you can also integrate plant homewares into your interior design.

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