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20 Best Indoor Plants for the Office Desk

best indoor plants for the office desk
Most offices tend to be quite bland and boring with just plain walls, furniture and computers, leading to employees feeling deprived from the outdoors. Luckily, office plants are a great solution for brightening up the workplace. Having desk plants nearby will bring in the missing link to nature, which can improve productivity and happiness. A little bit of greenery can go a long way towards getting you into the right frame of mind for working.
Decorating the office and making it your own is essential. Plants can add a fresh and dynamic feel to your environment. They’re a staple in most offices, but they don’t have to be restricted to just the reception area desks. A few strategically placed plants can spruce up a dull office. The trick, however, is choosing the right plants for your space. 

Here's a list of our best plants for offices to add some personality to your workspace, whether you're working at the office or working from home.

1. Pilea peperomioides Chinese Money Plant

pilea peperomioides chinese money plant - indoor plant for office desk

Working 9-5 brings you money. Yes, a money plant. This office desk plant will help you remember why you're sitting there.

2. Hedera helix 'Camouflage' / English Ivy

hedera helix camouflage english ivy - indoor plant for office desk

This office plant will guide you on your 'climb' to success. It can trail across your desk with ease.

3. Peperomia caperata Silver Ripple

peperomia caperata silver ripple - indoor plant for office desk

This Peperomia caperata is a low-maintenance indoor plant that can do well on an office desk. This office plant has really cute crinkled leaves.

4. Philodendron brasil

philodendron brasil - indoor plant for office desk

Inspire everyone in your office to feel creative. The Philodendron brasil has colours that look as if they were painted on, helping to bring more life into the office.

5. Zamioculcas zamiifolia / Zanzibar gem / ZZ Plant

zz plant zamioculcas zamiifolia zanzibar gem - indoor plant for office desk

The ZZ can handle lots of neglect whilst you're too busy actually doing work at your office desk. It can take low light conditions very well.

6. Ctenanthe burle marxii Fishbone Prayer Plant

ctenanthe burle marxii fishbone prayer plant - indoor plant for office desk

This prayer plant will remind you that you need to go home. If you're still in the office at night, you'll see this office plant 'praying' for you to finish up and go home.

7. Syngonium White Butterfly

syngonium white butterfly - indoor plant for office desk

This alluring Syngonium grows beautifully as a desk plant and represents the bright future ahead of you for your career as an office-dweller. Syngoniums are easy to care for and super low maintenance too.

8. Peperomia Jade (Peperomia obtusifolia)

peperomia jade obtusifolia - indoor plant for office desk

A jade peperomia is an office plant that will bring some joy into your work life if you're feeling jaded. Remember, more plants equals more happiness.

9. Calathea makoyana Peacock Plant

calathea makoyana peacock plant - indoor plant for office desk

A very strong and healthy Calathea that can withstand the office environment is the Calathea makoyana - it can handle low levels of light so it is a great choice for an office plant.

10. Phlebodium Blue Star Fern

phlebodium blue star fern - indoor plant for office desk

Feeling blue at work? Get yourself a Blue Star Fern - this one grows tall without getting too big. To the untrained eye it might look like a faux plant but nope it is a real and amazing office plant.

11. Chamaedorea elegans Parlour Palm

chamaedorea elegans parlour palm - indoor plant for office desk

Parlour palm is the closest thing you can get to a massage parlour at your office desk. Relieve yourself from stress with this indoor plant by your side.

12. Peperomia ferryrae Happy Bean

peperomia ferryrae happy bean - indoor plant for office desk

Remind yourself to don't worry and be a happy bean with this indoor office plant. Whenever you're stressed, look at this plant and remember - bean there, done that.

13. Peperomia Lemon Lime (Peperomia obtusifolia)

peperomia obtusifolia lemon lime - indoor plant for office desk

When life gives you the lemon lime peperomia, put the plant on your office desk. This charming plant represents the lemons you have to deal with at work but turns it into something positive.

14. Monstera Adansonii Mini Monkey Mask

monstera adansonii mini monkey mask indoor plant for office desk

Everybody wears a mask at work, but the Mini Monkey Mask wears it better! It's similar to the regular Monstera adansonii except this variety grows more tightly clumped together rather than growing long as a climber.

15. Monstera deliciosa

monstera deliciosa - indoor plant for office desk

The swiss cheese plant is a perfect addition to all offices due to so many people being able to recognise what it is. Having one on your office desk means you'll have lots of jealous coworkers!

16. Tradescantia Zebrina / Wandering Jew / Spiderwort Plant

tradescantia zebrina wandering jew - indoor plant for office desk

As your mind wanders away to plants whilst you're bored at work... you should admire the adaptability of this plant to survive in your hands. It's a solid office plant that just won't die on you.

17. Peperomia obtusifolia Variegata Green And White

peperomia obtusifolia variegata green and white - indoor plant for office desk

A variegated edge version of the jade peperomia - this peperomia is tough just by feeling its leaves. As a desk plant it won't leave you disappointed due to its good-looking foliage and sturdy appearance.

18. Asplenium australasicum Birds Nest Fern

asplenium australasicum birds nest fern - indoor plant for office desk

You can go to work with a birds nest on a bad hair day or just go to work with this office plant. The spirally curls of this fern's leaves are a spectacular sight to see.

19. Epipremnum aureum Marble Queen / Devil's Ivy / Pothos

epipremnum aureum marble queen devils ivy pothos - indoor plant for office desk

The Marble Queen is a bold devil's ivy with glamourous variegation that will hold the attention of all your colleages in the office. This office plant is fantastic.

20. Microsorum musifolium Crocodile Fern

microsorum musifolium crocodile fern - indoor plant for office desk

Crocodile ferns will remind you that like them, you should have thick skin to handle all sorts of stresses that work throws at you whilst in the office. The scaly leaves are quite exquisite.

Plants serve an important purpose in all that they do… it’s just a matter of finding the perfect plant for your office. Grab a bunch of indoor office plants to pretty up your desk. Your colleagues are sure to be envious and you might even start a trend! The more plants everyone brings in to work, the more making you're making the office a greater place for all to work in! Indoor plants are good to have at the office. Not only are they nice to look at, but they also can help clean the air and make you feel happier and healthier. Just add the green colour of living plants into your office and you'll have no regrets.

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