Five Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Home with Houseplants

Five Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Home with Houseplants

Home decor with houseplants or interior landscaping is gaining popularity in every place, be it your home, workplace, or even a classroom. Houseplants can do much more than just adding a splash of greenery to any corner of a room. You can get multiple physical and psychological benefits when surrounded by plants, and like outdoor plants, they positively impact the air quality and improve our mood. If you want an eco-friendly home that looks naturally attractive and ensures a healthy environment, you might like decorating it with few houseplants.

Keep reading to know more benefits of adding houseplants to your home decor!

Plants Can Help Improve Your Mood

Houseplants have a positive impact on your mood. Studies showed a significant link between improving your mood and the existence of plants. People who have daily active contact with plants and even the plant's soil have reduced stress levels. Research revealed tiny microbes found in plants and potting soil known by the name "outdoorphins" are a natural antidepressant.

Plants Are Air Purifiers

Plants are an excellent source of eliminating pollutants from the air, thus improving air quality. Also, having plants in your home can remove volatile organic compounds found in various items such as toys, carpets, paints, and many more. These compounds can evaporate and make the air toxic enough to compromise the health of inhabitants. The most common VOCs are benzene, butanol, ethanol, acetone, and formaldehyde. In today's climate-controlled buildings, all these compounds can be found easily. You can place a single large plant or two smaller ones in your home to improve air quality.

Our favourite air-purifying plants

Plants Improve Productivity

Adding plants in workplace settings can bring more productivity and make it a better workplace than without plants. Due to this reason, interior landscaping is getting its popularity. Employees working with plants around them stay fresh all day long, take fewer sick days, score much higher, and get more job satisfaction. Similarly, students during lectures show more attention and attendance when classrooms are decorated with plants. Corporate plant gifts have been increasingly popular during COVID lockdowns where people need to reconnect with nature.

They're Good For Your Mental Health

Many of us think plant therapy is nothing but a buzzword, but it's real. Studies have shown that plants around us are likely to reduce anxiety, stress, and to some extent, depression. Moreover, spending much time with plants gives a therapeutic effect resulting in feelings of peacefulness. Having houseplants in your room can also engage you in caring for them, make you think that you’re not alone, and impart a sense of completeness and purpose.

Great for Decor

An important thing to remember is that houseplants look fantastic and are cost-effective to decorate your home - plants can even increase your house value! If you want to add an appealing and welcoming look to your home, indoor houseplants can do that job for you. They bring a natural and lively character to every space and offer you enormous creativity when considering plants as a decorating option. Placing houseplants in any corner of your home will make it seem warmer, bigger, and attractive. Another form of cute home decor you could try is plant plushies/pillows for your furniture! Make sure to check out our plant homewares range for the trendiest home decor :)

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