20 Best Indoor Plants for the Home

best indoor plants for the home

Having an indoor jungle transcends all the requirements of having an outside garden, especially if you have limited space in an apartment or house. Limited space however, does mean that you need to choose the best houseplants that will thrive so that you make the most out of their benefits. Given our fast-paced, technology-heavy culture, there is something comforting — even healing — about being around houseplants. Not to mention they make a room more appealing and livable. They lower stress and make it easier to breathe via their air purification properties. There are many botanical beauties that can be grown inside our homes.

Check out our carefully selected list of the best indoor plants to help you achieve a respectable indoor jungle. These aren't just popular house plants - they're also quite hardy as well.

1. Monstera Adansonii Mini Monkey Mask

The Monstera Mini Monkey Mask is a cheeky plant to have in your home. It may look like the regular Monstera adansonii but it grows more clumped and compact rather than as a climbing plant. It looks amazing in a pot on furniture.

2. Philodendron brasil

Paint me like one of your French girls... this houseplant is simply splendid. Guests will asks you - did you paint those yellow lines on that plant?

3. Maranta leuconeura Red Vein Prayer Plant

This too is almost like a painting. The red veins of this prayer plant along with the unique patterns on the leaves provide a really magnificent aesthetic for your home.

4. Ficus lyrata Fiddle-leaf Fig

Ah... the fiddle-leaf fig. The huge leaves of this houseplant only get better and better as the plant gets bigger over time. Growing a big fiddle-leaf fig in the corner of your living room will leave your guests in awe.

5. Sansevieria Trifasciata Superba / Mother-In-Law's Tongue

Yellow on plants is the in-thing these days. The yellow edge of this snake plant will leave your mother-in-law amazed at how pretty all the plants in your house are and impressed at how nice your home is.

6. Monstera deliciosa

Every plant parent has this in their home... if you don't have one then you should get one now! The swiss cheese plant looks awesome when it's all grown up with lots of fenestrations.

7. Philodendron birkin

This Philodendron is arguably one of the most sturdiest and looks breathtaking with its yellow veins contrasting with the dark green leaves. It's a really good plant for decorating your interiors. 

8. Alocasia amazonica

This Alocasia looks unique with its uncanny leaf shape and pattern. This indoor plant may be a little harder to maintain than others, but the appearance of an Alocasia plant is definitely worth having in your home!

9. Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) / Pothos

Commonly grown as a trailing houseplant, the Devil's Ivy looks stunning when left to grow super long. It is usually hung in a hanging pot and allowed to climb up furniture or along the top of walls.

10. Begonia maculata Medora

The white polka-dotted leaves of the Begonia are just sensational. This plant is a lover of bright indirect light so make sure to put it in a suitable place in your home. Begonia care is fairly simple too!

11. Ficus elastica Ruby

 The variegated rubber tree packs an awesome bunch of colours that will add so much personality to your home. Let it grow big like a fiddle-leaf fig and you won't be disappointed. It just gets better and better...

12. Calathea makoyana Peacock Plant

The makoyana is a fantastic Calathea that will stay alive in your home longer than most other Calathea varieties. It is a houseplant that can handle lower levels of light and is less prone to randomly dying off.

13. Peperomia clusiifolia Jelly Variegated Pink Edge

This Peperomia Jelly has out-of-this-world variegation combined with a special pink edge. A wonderful colour combination that just works well regardless of what your home interior looks like.

14. Philodendron Prince Of Orange

Every King or Queen of an indoor jungle needs their Prince of Orange. This Philodendron is perfect for adding Autumn vibes into your home.

15. Ctenanthe burle marxii Fishbone Prayer Plant

The fishbone plant is a solid low maintenance indoor plant for the home that you can't go wrong with. It looks great and is also a pet-friendly plant!

16. Phlebodium Blue Star Fern

The Phlebodium Blue Star Fern is an interesting-looking indoor plant that works well as a centre-piece. It looks so pretty it's almost like an artificial plant but it's not! A great addition to the home.

17. Dieffenbachia seguine Tropic Marianne / Dumb Cane

Looking at how the dark green blends in with the yellow-green in the centre, you can tell that this indoor plant is a special one. The Tropic Marianne Dumb Cane is a stupendous indoor plant for the home.

18. Syngonium podophyllum Robusta

The Syngonium Robusta is a Syngonium which has dark green leaves with white/light-green veins. It is a notable houseplant for its bold green colours and hardiness.

19. Tradescantia Fluminensis Tricolour - Variegated Pink - Wandering Jew

Pretty in pink is what this indoor house plant is. The variegated pink on this wandering jew is a special combination that you don't see quite often on plants.

20. Philodendron micans

Admire the orange and green velvet leaves of the Philodendron micans. This indoor plant is climber that not only climbs well but looks spectacular.

Good indoor plants are a great way to liven up the vibe of your home and create a cozy, inviting environment. They can bring in greater productivity and maximise your wellness. Who doesn’t love having plants around the house? They add so much life, colour and freshness to a room. Many plant parents find that taking care of indoor plants is quite therapeutic too. With the perfect combination of water, sun and TLC, they grow beautifully, right before your eyes!

It is a win-win situation when you put indoor plants in your home. There are many different types of indoor plants, but we went out of our way to find the best of the best indoor plants for the home. Get started with your indoor jungle today with Cheeky Plant Co. for reliable indoor plant delivery.

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