Guide to Buying Plants Online in Australia

For the busy person who wants to express their green thumbs in their home but doesn't want to spend all their time out and about walking around plant stores, there's an easy solution: buying plants online. With all of the benefits that come with ordering plants from your computer or phone, it makes sense why more and more people are going this route. This blog post will cover some of the benefits of buying plants online such as convenience and less work on your part.

Guide to Buying Plants Online in Australia

Things to consider when buying plants online

Does your living room or space in mind need a new plant? Do you want to buy plants online but aren’t sure what to look for? Well, here are some things to consider: 

  1. Check the size of the plants and/or their pots before buying! If it's too big, you’ll need lots of soil and watering sessions for the plant. Too small and it'll get easily over-watered if you’re not careful. Look for the size of the plant pot that comes with the plant - larger potted plants need more space in your home. Different plant sizes will look better for certain parts of a room, so choose wisely based on aesthetic appeal and visualise how you want your room to look. The colours need to fit in with the whole vibe of the room.
  2. Consider how much sunlight your house gets each day. Plants thrive in sunnier places because they have more energy for photosynthesis which makes them grow faster and be stronger plants that produce more oxygen than if they were in fully shaded areas. Choose plants that have light requirements matching what your rooms can naturally provide. Otherwise you can supplement this by using grow lights for artificial lighting.
  3. What kind of plants do you want? There are literally thousands of plant species spanning across more than just indoor plants and succulents. Think about what sort of aesthetic you’re going after in your home or office. Colours, shades, patterns? There’s plenty to choose from when buying from online plant shops. You should buy what you want rather than settling for only plants that are cheap or on discount, because plants are worth it. If you're looking to buy plants for someone else, you could look into getting a plant gift hamperplant gift box or succulent gift box.
  4. Consider how much watering you want to do for your plants each week - some require more water than others and are quite high maintenance. Some even require frequent misting of the leaves to keep them alive and healthy, so choose the houseplants that match with your lifestyle or plant care skill level. If you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t want too much work, then go for low-maintenance plants.

How to buy plants online

  1. Check the seller's ratings and reviews. Make sure you purchase from reputable online plant shops like Cheeky Plant Co. who have served many satisfied customers with outstanding customer service and deliver their plants securely.
  2. Read about their shipping and returns policy before purchasing. This is important so that there is no confusion and you understand the expectations of when you will receive your plant delivery especially if it's same day plant delivery or via AusPost Express.
  3. Explore the plant descriptions of each plant listing so that you properly understand the care requirements of the plant you are buying and are able to keep it alive and thriving once the plant is delivered to your home. This is especially important if you want to buy a rare indoor plant in Australia from a rare plant shop.
  4. Look for discount codes for online plant stores which you can use at the checkout. At Cheeky Plant Co. we have discount codes available for people who join our plant newsletter.
  5. Purchase lots of plants in one go when you buy plants online in Australia. This is so that you can save on shipping costs and make the most out of free shipping by meeting the minimum spend. You can also purchase singular living gifts with delivery to Sydney too! What's also great about big orders at Cheeky Plant Co is that you can use AfterPay, Zip Pay or Klarna to buy now and pay later.

How to buy bulk succulents

If you're after lots of succulents to fill out your garden, succulent wedding favours or succulent corporate gifts, check out our wholesale succulent options. We hand-deliver succulent bulk orders in NSW and can also ship some succulent bulk orders in Australia.

How to buy bulk indoor plants

If you're after lots of indoor plants to fill out your indoor jungle, plant wedding favours or corporate plant gifts, check out our wholesale plant options.

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