Klarna Plants - Buy Plants Online with Klarna

Buy Plants Online with Klarna buy now and pay later!

Cheeky Plant Co. has teamed up with Klarna to make it easier for all plant parents to achieve their indoor jungle dreams with interest-free payments via Klarna.

Klarna Plants - Buy Plants Online with Klarna

Buy your plants online with Klarna now

Klarna is a better way to pay for your plants, allowing you to break up your big plant order into smaller parts - you pay 4 installments over 6 weeks, the first instalment is paid at the time of purchase. There are no fees when you pay on time. A lot of people find it difficult to buy plants because they're worried about the cost. This is why Klarna can be a great way to make plant purchases easier and more affordable!

For more info on how it works: https://www.klarna.com/au/what-is-klarna/

The Indoor Plants Klarna Experience

Browse our indoor plants, succulents, plant gifts, rare plants and plant accessories. Once you've added what you like to the cart, just select Klarna at the checkout to pay now - it's that simple!

Klarna Plants are Guilt-free

Get more plants - buy now pay later with plants Klarna. Simply get the plants you want and pay it off over 4 instalments. Read the complete Klarna Terms of service.

If you're looking for an easy way to make your living room or bedroom pop, succulents and plants are the perfect solution. Whether it's a small accent in your kitchen or something big that takes up the entire living room, indoor plants will bring life to any space. But if you want them now and don't have time to wait around until your next paycheck, Klarna is here!


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