How to Display Your Air Plants

How to Display Your Air Plants

An air plant is also known as Tillandsia and is a type of plant that takes its nutrients from the surrounding air. These indoor plants are extremely stylish and very easy to care for kind of plant. You only have to ensure that they get proper air circulation, weekly water baths, and occasional misting to thrive at its best. Due to this reason, the air plant keeps growing in popularity. Since growing these plants don't need any soil, you don't have to put much effort to showcase their beauty. Below we've shared some incredible ideas on how you can amazingly display your air plants.

Glass Globe Terrarium

The air plants lack roots, so a hanging glass air plant terrarium is the most beautiful way to display your plant.Β  They are simple and very easy to arrange and provide you with the opportunity to create a customized or cute look by including some moss, tree bark, pebbles, or sand. Furthermore, if you use terrariums as your planter, it will give you 360 degrees view of the small yet intricate plant.

Driftwood, Grapevine, Cholla or Mopani

A different way to display your air plants’ beautiful look, simultaneously make them look fresh, and become able to create a natural habitat for them is by using various wood types such as drifts, grapevine, cholla, or Mopani. However, keep in mind that there may be a need to use glue to properly attach a few air plants to such types of woods.

Natural Containers

Natural containers are a great way to display your beautiful air plants. These containers are typically from the ocean, such as urchins and seashells. Along with providing a gorgeous and admirable look, urchins and seashells provide a cosy environment for your plants and a few small holes that your air plants can easily adjust into. In addition, using any of these as a pot for your air plant will make your home garden look like a beach.

Cork Bark

Another perfect way to display your little beauty is using cork bark. You can hang your air plant by wire or spot it as a table centrepiece in your office or home. The best thing about the air plant is that it allows you to become more creative by adding different decorations like fairies, leaves, faux butterflies, branches, moss, and much more.

Sculpture Display

People who want a more stylish or creative way to set up their air plants should consider placing them in an admirable ceramic holder. You can display your air plants anywhere in your house, and it is also a perfect gift for your friends and family who love to be surrounded by air plants.

Wall Mounting

Like we all are much aware to some extent that air plants can become an addiction. Once you begin, it will be impossible for you to stop. Instead of placing this plant all over your living space, it's better to assign a particular wall for mounting the air plants. It will allow you to enjoy their beauties in a single place.

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