3 Tips to Keep Your Air Plants Alive and Healthy

3 Tips to Keep Your Air Plants Alive and Healthy

Air plants, popular as Tillandsia, get their unique name from their power to absorb all nutrients from the air via their leaves instead of the soil. Any roots you may see on your air plants are there to assist them in grabbing on to different things.

Three Basic Tips to Keep Your Air Plant Alive

Air plants have now become well-known houseplants and are relatively very hardy - so much that they can even be kept in air plant terrariums. But because these plants aren’t like normal pot-bound houseplants, they have some special requirements. Read on for the three basic tips to keep your air plants alive and thrive in the long run.


Air plants are exceptional because they don't need the soil to live. Instead, they get everything they want via their leaves. That includes water and nutrients. Water is essential for your air plants, but you must know it's the correct amount of water.

The ideal way to water your air plants is to submerge them in water for some time. Let them dry off before you put them back to their home so that there’s no extra water that can lead to rot. Most air plants can do well with weekly watering, but it’s important to keep an eye on your plants and fulfill their demands. The environment can also affect things!

If your air plants turn brown on their leaves, it is probably too dry. Water them more frequently. Even you may want to mist them by using a spray bottle to provide them with some extra humidity in-between watering.

As air plants (tillandsia) don’t contain roots to absorb their nutrients from the soil, they benefit from a particularly formulated spray for air plants. That air plants fertilizer spray is formulated to respond to their needs, as air plants are sensitive to heavy nutrients, and the copper present in some fertilizers is toxic to them.

Give your air plants a spritz one to two times a week to use this spray. You don't require to saturate your air plants with that spray, as the excess spray will drip. Use the fertilizer spray along with watering, not in place of that.

Air Flow

Fresh air is among the most underrated requirements of any houseplant. However, your air plants will thrive well with slightly enough air circulation, whether it is near a window or a well-ventilated area. Keep in mind that naturally, your air plants get their nutrients from the air circulating them. Now you know how crucial this step is for your plants.


Air plants generally love bright but indirect sunlight. Some of them can have direct sunlight, preferable during the mornings, for some time, but never let your air plants bake. Likewise, learning if you have rainforest or desert air plants can help you understand the ideal light needs for your pants.

So the three basic tips to keep your air plants alive for longer are watering, fresh air flow, and good sunlight. Balancing all three while understanding your plant’s specific needs will help them thrive.

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