Why Every Apartment Needs Houseplants

Why Every Apartment Needs Houseplants

We all believe that plants feel right only in the garden and can only bloom well with the sun striking them. Reality is, today there are many scientific studies which have shown that plants, when placed in your home or workplace, can bring some great benefits for you too. Indoor houseplants are an instant source of nature that impart brightness in any corner of your home. People who live in apartments or work at a skyscraper can easily grow their garden with some best indoor houseplants. You can put these plants in containers or hanging baskets, and by providing them with little care, you will get its benefits. Here are some of the great reasons to have indoor houseplants in your apartment.

Natural Air Purifiers

Indoor plants make excellent air purifiers. They naturally clean the air from chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde and the other pollutants around them. These toxic chemicals are usually present in solvents, vinyl, cigarettes, and even paint. Houseplants can also improve the humidity in your room by releasing water in the form of moisture vapor. This property of indoor houseplants can save people from encountering dry cough, sore throat, and respiratory problems.

Reduce Stress

If you feel stressed at work, houseplants can help you reduce your stress. According to experts, placing potted plants in your office or near your workspace will lessen your stress levels and fatigue. Many studies found that people surrounded by plants have decreased heart rate, breathing problems, and blood pressure. Due to that reason, it's a fantastic idea to put potted plants in your workspace to help reduce stress and depression to perform better and become more productive.

Give Healthy Produce

Many people love to grow vegetables and fruits indoors, especially those with a rooftop or with window gardens. It will save you money from buying these items from the market and this will ensure that everything in your indoor garden is pesticide-free and fresh to use. Plants like tomatoes, carrots, lemons, avocados, and oranges can grow easily in any indoor garden.

Pretty House Decors

Hanging plants at your doorstep aside from adding a beautiful look seems welcoming. Indoor houseplants are usually low maintenance and are easy to grow. Unlike outdoor garden plants, indoor ones don't demand frequent watering, fertilising, or trimming. You can create terrariums and dish gardens by putting them in decorative pots that will go with your home decor. These potted houseplants will light up every corner of your living space and add fresh ambiance to any area. Any spot of your home can look like a mini paradise with a lot of greenery that makes that area much more appealing than before.

Make You Sleep Better

The advantages of having indoor houseplants are not limited to preventing health problems like breathing issues and depressing mental stress. Houseplants such as jasmine, tillandsia,Β aloe vera, lavender, and gardenia are proved to be best in improving your sleep when kept in your bedroom. These indoor plants provide a gentle calming effect to your mind and entire body to allow you to sleep better. It also lowers your anxiety levels to boost your mood and increase your quality of sleep.

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