How to Care for Begonia Plants

How to Care for Begonia Plants

Commonly used as a houseplant and in shaded summer beds, the begonia plant belongs to tropical and subtropical regions. Some are grown for their patterned, asymmetrical, and variegated foliage, whereas others contribute colour to shady gardens with their bright blooms. However, typically, begonias pack a huge punch of beautiful colour and interest on a tinier side.

Begonias naturally die back every year. Reduce watering your plant from late summer to early fall. Trim their foliage when they start turning yellow. Dig up their tubers at that initial threat of frost. Clean all remaining dirt from their tubers and let them dry on a newspaper for a week in a sunny location. To avoid powdery mildew, gently dust your begonias with sulphur powder and store each in separate paper bags or wrap in newspaper.


Begonia plants are colourful plants that love morning sunlight and enjoy a calm, cooler afternoon shade. Excessive direct sunlight will damage its leaves, stress your plants, and lead to disease.


Keep your begonia plants happy with a moist environment, but never soggy soil. These beauties prefer to stay moist and not dry out entirely. However, they hate their roots sitting in water for longer. To help retain some moisture, you can use well-draining soil along with compost material. Make sure to water at the base of your plant as they are prone to leaf spots and rots if their leaves get damp.


Begonia plants are tender annuals and require to be harvested first in the spring. They prefer warm temperatures and get damaged if it drops below 50Β°F.


Utilise a balanced fertiliser for your begonias before planting them. You can also use water-soluble fertilizer once a month to keep them blooming all summer long.

Water And Humidity

Overwatering will kill begonias. Let your begonias dry completely between watering. If you are keeping your plant cool, they will tolerate much time without water. You can add a bot humidity by placing the plant's pot in a pebble tray. Make sure not to place the pot in the water directly.


East-facing, west-facing, or north-facing windows are ideal for your begonias. While growing in a north-facing window, move your plant away from the window if any leaf burn occurs. Alternatively, you can grow them under grow lights. Make sure to place your begonias in a place where warm, dry air from vents won't blow on them.


Potted begonia plants like to stay a bit rootbound instead of having too much space. Only repot your plant when necessary and more preferably in spring before moving them outdoors for their active growth.

Other Notes About Your Begonias

If you want your begonias to bloom continuously, never be afraid to deadhead old flowers. It will encourage new buds to grow on your plant. You can grow these versatile plants anywhere you want. Buy begonias online now and make your indoor jungle look even better!

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