Seven Benefits That Houseplants Can Have on Your Health

Seven Benefits That Houseplants Can Have on Your Health

Making your living space greener by introducing houseplants can do much more than simply adding beauty. Many studies have shown the benefits of having an indoor garden on boosting your mental and physical health. Here are seven benefits of houseplants that improve overall health.

Reduce Anxiety

Many studies have proved that if any place has elevated oxygen levels in the air, it can help decrease anxiety. For people who need to be more zen, indoor houseplants are a fantastic option. Having an indoor garden can increase oxygen as plants photosynthesize and make oxygen. The more houseplants you keep indoors, the more oxygen you will get. While watering your plants, make sure you deep breath around them to get all the benefits.

Increase Creative Thinking

Houseplants may not help bring creativity per se, but their beautiful colors might do that for you. A study revealed that people who love working on creative tasks showed improved visual creativity when surrounded by plants. Another study showed that keeping green artwork in offices can bring even more creativity. That indicates if you can't keep real indoor plants in your office, use green artwork or office supplies for more creative inspiration.

Lessen Stress

The simple potted plants placed on a windowsill can help you de-stress and relax your mind. Indoor plants are believed to have a calming effect on your mind and can lower your blood pressure. Also, houseplants are a better way to make your personal spaces peaceful and relaxing environments. Once you realise that indoor houseplants help lessen stress, spending some time with nature during nice weather can help you even more.

Increase Productivity

Decorate your home with indoor plants to improve concentration. If you have a big project at home or work that requires better focus and attention, get help from having some plants near you. A study showed that people who keep plants at the workspace would be 15 percent more productive than those without them. Office plants can even reduce your fatigue and help you get over that afternoon slump.Β 

Prevent Health Problems

When the air in your home gets dry, it can often be hard on your body in multiple ways by causing itchy skin or other different types of allergies. According to the researchers, maintaining your indoor air humidity levels between 40 to 60 percent will help you prevent such health issues. You can keep houseplants like spider plants and Chinese evergreen in your home, which are plants that can naturally increase air humidity and air quality.

Boost Your Mood

Parenting your houseplants can be an excellent way to improve your overall wellness. Research has revealed that people who spend most of their time caring for many houseplants help them to release endorphins that make them feel energetic and happy all day long. Some doctors prescribe houseplants to their patients so they can benefit from the mood-boosting effects of plants.

Healing and Decrease Pain

Studies showed that indoor spaces filled with houseplants would help you heal faster from any injury and lessen your pain. Many hospitals have started gardening programs to allow their patients to spend more time with plants because of their therapeutic benefits. Plants help regain a patient's health and allow them to better cope with pain.

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