Meaningful Plants That Make Great Plant Gifts

Meaningful Plants That Make Great Plant Gifts

So you're thinking of gifting someone a plant? What a fantastic idea! There are various meanings and symbolism behind giving plants to your loved ones. For many years now, people believe plants have had a significant impact on individual life and wellbeing. From peace of mind to good fortune and overall health, there are plants for almost every event.

Each of the following six gorgeous and meaningful plants makes a great gift to brighten up anyone's big day!

Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

The Norfolk Island pine seems to be a great living gift. It is a small and sustainable Christmas tree. Unlike other cut Christmas trees, you can buy them in a container and grow them as indoor plants from years to years. It's worthy to notice that, despite their look, this plant is not an actual pine tree. It's a tropical native and can't survive outdoors in winters like a fir or pine tree can. They prefer a frequent watering schedule indoors and demand a lot of sunlight.

Jade Plant / Crassula ovata

Are you looking for an easy-care and simple plant gift?Β  A succulent-like jade plant makes a hardy and appealing gift choice. It is a fast-growing and affordable plant and also popular as a money plant. This small succulent can be a lovely gift for your loved ones. Previously, this plant was given as a wedding gift and housewarming presents to wish fortune on the receiver.

Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans)

The corn plant is an ideal gift choice for people living in houses or apartments full of shades. These plants forgive various watering routines and light conditions. They thrive slowly but reach up to four or six feet in height. At maturity, this plant can make a great floor plant in a giant-sized pot. Its leaves work as an indication of how much sunlight they receive. They turn pale indirect light to show the excessive sunlight. In shady conditions, they turn dark green to maximize light absorption.

Olive Tree

The olive tree is famous for its great history of symbolizing peace for everyone in the universe. The ancient Christian, Greek, Jewish cultures have some role in the symbolism of the fantastic olive tree. Often, these plants are planted when someone establishes a new place. It can also be used in wreaths that you can wear in the head during any wedding and festival.

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides are trendy, whimsical, and cute plants that have become famous in recent years, and it's obvious why! These plants are also considered friendship plants or the pass it on type of plants. This plant will frequently thrive new shoots or pups that you can share as a gift to anyone you want.

Lucky Bamboo

You might be familiar with the name lucky bamboo. Another meaning of the bamboo plant is health. That's because it's solid and flexible. In Chinese culture, this plant is often used as a housewarming present. There are numerous plants with meaningful symbolism, and you need to find one for your special occasion. Bamboo makes a great plant gift for new year's, Christmas, or any other celebration.

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  • Hi. Am looking for an outdoor plant in pot to send to my daughter for her birthday. She lives in Cronulla and I am in the UK

    Sharon Frank

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