Love Language Plant Gift Guide

Love Language Plant Gift Guide

Think of your beloved's love language when selecting a great Valentine’s Day present. Whether it is physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, or acts of service, we come up with some incredible gift ideas that can make your loved ones feel extra special on any big day.

Gray Chapman, the author of the book “The Five Love Languages” (1992), concludes that there’re five different ways humans can express their love for others and ask for their devotion to be expressed in return. All these five ways, which the author calls languages, are experienced by everyone, with different levels of importance. However, an individual will usually be drawn towards one primary language. These five beautiful love languages include physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, or acts of service. It’s great to keep the primary love language of your loved ones in mind as it will help you select some meaningful gifts for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.

Gift Idea for Physical Touch

If your partner or loved one prefers physical touch love language, we would suggest gifting them supplies to repot their houseplants along with your time and some extra hands! You can give them an indoor plant repotting kit, which contains everything you require to report your beautiful tabletop houseplants. Alternatively, you can make your own houseplant repotting kit containing a bag full of rich organic potting soil mix, a new container with a saucer or tray, and any other indoor plant care supplies your giftee could want. 

Gift Idea for Quality Time

If quality time is that love language that speaks to your partner or loved one, consider catching two tickets to some of the best in-person or online houseplant care workshops. It will help you brush up on your indoor plant care knowledge, and you’ll learn something new about plants alongside your beloved person.

Gift Idea for Words of Affirmation

If words of affirmation warm your loved one’s heart, there is nothing better than to bring the boost of optimistic phrases into their life by gifting them a beautiful plant hamper.

Gift Idea for Receiving Gifts

If getting gifts is the vibe of your loved one or partner, surprise them with a gorgeous houseplantAnthuriumsOrchids, and Bromeliads are relatively easygoing indoor houseplants and can bloom several times around the year. 

Gift Idea for Acts of Service

If your lover's love language is the act of service, then you should spend your day providing their indoor houseplants some other love by pruning their unruly foliage, wiping down their plants’ leaves, and giving them water thoroughly. You can also gift them the best indoor plant care upgrade like a practical yet stylish propagation vase or grow light.

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