Why House Plants Are Good for Your Mental Wellbeing

Why House Plants Are Good for Your Mental Wellbeing

You all must agree that in this uncertain and stressful world, your progressively jungle-like living spaces have come put to be the mental health-protecting sanctuaries. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending most of your paycheck on houseplants.

Plants Help You Breathe

Not sure how much you were focused on your biology class; however, we’re pretty indebted to houseplants when it is about breathing clean air. Plants are pretty great at absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, that sort of thing. So that stands to reason that keeping plants around your home has numerous physical health benefits, especially if you’re dwelling in a mold-ridden yet “gorgeous” terrace owned by some negligent landlord.

What’s great for your body is excellent for your brain, and the air purifying and toxin-absorbing abilities of plants such as aloe Vera, ivy, and pothos are worth picking on your next visit to the nursery. Also, scented plants carry substantial health benefits as well. The fragrance of the flowers such as lavender and jasmine can lower stress and anxiety and encourage a good night’s sleep.

Keeping plants indoors and by the window is also great for air purification, air flow and providing shade. When you have plants such as Devils Ivy that grow quickly and provide shade, this can help with absorbing heat from sun-facing windows, allowing you to keep temperatures lower in Summer and throughout the entire year.

Gardening Is the Most Cost-Effective Form of Therapy

Researchers have been encouraging the mental health advantages of plants for decades and some good reasons. Studies have shown that the habit of inclining towards plants will take your mind off the negative stuff, relieve your stress, and provide a calming effect. Gardening is so great for your brain that it’s even considered to reduce the risk of dementia.

Plants are also an ideal way to take a short break from using technology and the hectic whirl of FOMO and massive work emails that come alongside it. It’s tough to scroll through any social media feed while you’re watering or pruning, and it’s the key: Caring for your plants, even for some time each day, forces you to focus on something calming and that isn’t any unanswered text or a jealousy-inducing post on Instagram from your friend who is holidaying in Europe.

Plants Make Your Brain Feel Better

Science is sure of all this, as humans feel happier when near any aesthetically pleasing living things. Office workers are becoming more productive and joyful when surrounded by some gorgeous indoor houseplants, and placing plants in any hospital room will help surgical patients heal faster. Plants help in lowering pain, blood pressure, and fatigue levels. Many studies have shown that even a literal act of watching out a window at a small strip of any sad urban park will have come restorative mental health properties, which indicates by investing in some hanging baskets, you can indeed be ahead of the game.

Watching the color green has been known to encourage emotional stability, whereas seeing the bright-colored flowers will become an instant mood booster.

In other words, gardening seems excellent, but if you are more of the type to get some cuttings from the edge and put them in a jar filled with water, that will work too.

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