Cool Plants to Gift

Cool Plants to Gift

Do you happen to know a person who loves the freshness of a plant more than anything or who thinks that flowers are a perfect gift for birthdays and weddings? If your answer was yes, then we have a great collection of plants that will make great gifts for plant lovers like you. These five picks are ideal for every plant lover you know!


These desert-dwelling plants make a great gift for your friends and family members. Send these to your pals and get some weirdly wonderful responses from them. You can send them potted succulents with same day delivery in Sydney. These can be placed at well-lit windows along with other houseplants. These are the ideal gift for plant beginners. By sending colourful bouquets that provide great blooms, you can let them enjoy it now and better yet if they propagate them, they can enjoy your gift for so many coming years. Succulents are a kind of gift that is a two in one package deal. Check out lithops aka living stones - they're an awesome yet bizarre looking succulent!


Marigolds are gorgeous bright flowers that add great joy wherever they are planted. Moreover, these flowers keep away mosquitos and aphids. This means that both plant lovers and their houseplants will be glad to bring this beauty to the family. Moreover, marigolds are also available in various colours, shapes, and sizes, so you can pick one that your friends will adore. Beautiful plants like marigolds can make great congratulation plant gifts.

Seeds For the Garden

If you know anyone who has extra space to work with, you can suggest they initiate a thing that will help them grow an attractive garden by gifting them seeds for their garden. They can grow anything they want in their home gardens, such as herbs, vegetables, or flowers. You can help them find the best selection of plant's seeds and ways to harvest them. Various unique plants can add a beautiful look to your home garden.

A Patio Perfect Garden

A balcony, patio, and/or deck are considered to be ideal for growing a small appealing garden in your home. You can help your loved ones get started with their spring garden creation. Select one or two plant containers or pots that will work best for their outdoor spaces. Set the containers with some soil potting mix and a local nursery gift card, and you are all set to go. If you want another option for your friend, you can go for a cocktail grow kit or other meaningful plant gifts that you can easily find in online plant stores. Send them to your loved ones and help them include a homegrown component to all their drinks.

Mint Plant

To keep your friends' living space fresh all the time, you can't find anything better than a mint plant. These fresh mint plants come with only a few care requirements and can easily adapt to the home environment. Plus, they love to spread their minty freshness everywhere. You might already be aware of its refreshing scent and minty flavour, but there is another benefit of the mint plant you might not know. That is, it can help other plants too. That's right - A mint plant keeps pets away and prevents them from damaging them, so that other houseplants that you acquire from same day plant delivery can also grow when placed around them. So, now you think that plant is worth giving to your friends, or you can be selfish and instead keep it to yourself.

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