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Why buy from Cheeky Plant Co.?

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What are Lithops / Living Stones?

Lithops is a genus of succulent plants and part of the Aizoaceae (ice plant) family. Lithops plants are commonly referred to as living stones or pebble plants due to their stone-like appearance.

These living stones usually consist of a pair of bulbous leaves that are fused together and have minimal stem. Their odd shapes make them a very interesting type of succulent plant for collectors to get their hands on.

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Living stones are great gifts for people who are starting out with plants or want to expand from normal succulents. Check out our range of living stones for sale. Lithops are not only super cool to have due to their unique shapes, but are also low-maintenance and hard to kill.

Living Stones / Lithops for Sale

Lithops succulents are very tolerant of poor watering habits and quite hands-off, but for basic care, you will need to provide them with enough sunlight for them to bring out their best colours - this is because they are a full-sun plant in their natural environment. Try to provide at least 4-5 hours of direct light per day.

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There are many types of lithops available in the market such as:

  • Lithops pseudotruncatella
  • Lithops hookeri
  • Lithops karasmontana
  • Lithops aucampiae
  • Lithops optical
  • Lithops localis


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