What Are the Best Pots for Succulents?

What Are the Best Pots for Succulents?

There are many factors to consider while selecting a pot that will go with your plants, especially for succulents. The following are some of the best considerations that will help you choose suitable containers for your succulents!

One With Drainage Holes

Pick a container with a drainage hole in it. It will help you save your succulents from excessive water and make your life tension-free. However, if you have a pot that lacks drainage holes and you don't want to replace it because you genuinely adore it, there are some options for you. With a diamond tip drill bit, you can add in your container drainage holes. To stop the soil from dropping out of the container, use mesh tape to seal the holes. When you feel comfortable with watering your succulents, you can try branching out and use some pots that lack drainage. But, if you have just started with succulents, a container with drainage holes in it will ease your life.

Suitable Material

The next important thing to consider while selecting a pot for your succulents is its material. Some of the most common and extensively used pot materials include terracotta or ceramic, wood, metal, plastic and glass. You can select the best pot material depending on the location of your succulent arrangements or the design that fits your home decor and is suitable for your plant at once. For instance, terracotta works best in low aeration spots and you would need to avoid locating it in direct sunlight to save your succulents from drying out too soon.

Colours and Textures

At this point, you can pick a decorative planter for your succulents in two different ways. One way to select a texture and colour of the container that is best suited for your succulents, and the other is to pick succulents that will go well in the pot of your choice. You can plant the succulents with a similar shape and colour as that of the design on the container. It will make the arrangement seem unified and visually tempting. Or else, you can go back to the basic terracotta planters or white pottery. Succulents will look beautiful in these pots, and their simplicity will keep your focus on the succulents.

Size Considerations

There isn't a one-size-fits-all theory for plant pots, as every plant has its growth routine. However, you should select a container that gives your plant enough space to thrive, especially for succulents. You need to make some room for their perfect growth. Generally, for your 2-inch succulent, a pot size of 2.5 inches seems a good option. Additionally, if you want to make your plants grow big and spread out more, you should provide good breathing room for their growth, ideally around ยฝ inches to 1 inch. You are now ready to decide which container suits your succulents best and purchase the ones that you will love most. While there is a lot more to see in selecting a pot for your succulents, it's still a fascinating journey of growing succulents in your home.

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