How to Care for a Succulent Arrangement

How to Care for a Succulent Arrangement

Succulents look marvellous on their own. We all are completely aware of that. They are the ideal choice for making an appealing succulent arrangement. It won't take much effort to make them look attractive and stand out among others. However, like every other plant, you need to learn a few basics of taking good care of your succulents if you want to appreciate your delivered succulent arrangement masterpiece for months.

Below are a few simple care tips for maintaining your succulent arrangements!

Water Accordingly

Watering your succulent arrangement isn't a tricky thing, nor is it complex. However, you'll need to be a bit wary as most common issues with succulents are caused by water. Water your succulent arrangement by directly soaking the soil until it seeps out of the drainage holes.

If you want to water only one or two succulents on the arrangement, use a spray bottle instead. Aside from streaming your succulents by using a spray bottle, it's also essential to bottom water them, as long as every plant in your arrangement needs water equally.

You should use a container with better drainage. Otherwise, it's okay to top-water your succulent arrangement - just be careful of overwatering and you'll be fine.

A better way to determine whether your succulents are thirsty is to see if the top 1.25 inches of its soil is dry to touch. If it is dry, then pick up your watering can and give them a good soak.

Light Exposure

The amount of light that a succulent arrangement requires relies on the type you choose. However, mostly six to eight hours of bright indirect light per day or at least four hours of direct daylight is what they need to grow. It is crucial to know that succulents stretch out and lose their vibrancy when not getting sufficient sunlight a day. In an area with less light exposure, a grow light would help a lot.


It is essential to maintain a warm temperature in the zone where your succulents are spotted. Succulents would love to stay in temperatures from 70°F-80° during summer and around 50°F-60°F in cold months for better growth.

Keep Your Succulents Clean

Naturally, succulent arrangements will develop dead leaves on their underside or pick up dust which hinders their growth. That's why it is necessary to routinely check them to eliminate any dead leaves and clean your succulents thoroughly with a damp cloth. If you notice any weed growth, pull them out or add some pebbles, gravel, rocks, and sand on the soil to prevent weed growth on your succulent arrangement.

Prune Them

You can prune your succulents anytime. However, the best time to do it is the starting of their blooming season. If you prune succulents at the end of the successful season, you may not notice new growth as quickly as you see when you prune them in their active growing season.

To prune them, you need a clean and sterilized pair of bonsai scissors. That will prevent infections and plant diseases from transferring between plants.

Cut off the plants' tops that look a bit stretched. Leave the cuttings to callus and then use them to fill your succulents arrangement bowl, or you can make a new one with them.

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