Variegated Houseplants Perfect for the Home

Variegated Houseplants Perfect for the Home

You must have a glance at these five gorgeous, variegated houseplants that will go with any corner of your home. Note that it will be hard to pick just one for your home as they are all super incredible!

Ficus Elastica ‘Tineke’ (Rubber Plant)

This indoor plant is the cultivated variety of a well-known Rubber Tree called Ficus Elastica. The ‘Tineke’ features thick, leathery leaves, same as the rubber tree, but they aren’t deep green. Instead, they’re magnificently variegated, exhibiting green, white, and pinkish shades, making them an absolute treat to your eyes.

Do you have any corner in your living space that could do with a bit of perking up? Just decorate it with the spectacular rubber plant and marvel at this fantastic transformation!

When kept indoors, be sure that you keep it far from heaters/air conditioners or cold, drafty windows and doors.

Hoya Carnosa variegata

Thick, lustrous waxy leaves tinted with great pink and white hues, unbelievably wonderful clusters of pale pink blooms, long graceful vines, what’s not to adore about the magnificence that is a Hoya Carnosa variegata!

This super appealing indoor plant carries the honour of being called the dream plant of most houseplant lovers owing to its great appearance and ease of caring for nature.

Since the Hoya indoor plant is semi-succulent, it’s very forgiving if you skip watering it regularly. Avoid overwatering this plant and provide it plenty of bright indirect sunlight, and it’s sure to prosper.

Monstera Deliciosa ‘Albovariegata’ 

Capturing the attention of thousands of houseplant enthusiasts worldwide, the deeply variegated Monstera Deliciosa is a rare plant beauty.

The striking leaves of your Monstera featuring all those holes and ridges are incredibly present in this spectacular houseplant variety, but they’re rendered even more stunning with pure green and white variegation. No wonder you’ll often find this stunning houseplant in home décor magazines and various scores of many Instagram posts!

Calathea Orbifolia

This variegated houseplant belongs to Bolivia and is among the largest Calatheas present in nature. With its gorgeous round foliage exhibiting outstanding silver and dark green stripes, this gem of an indoor plant will effortlessly offer a designer touch to your space.

Calathea Orbifolia owes its grace to its large, beautiful leaves that thrive pretty wide as this houseplant reaches maturity. That’s extremely satisfying to watch its new leaves gradually unfurl as they arise strongly curled. You need to hold your breath while waiting to see if all your affection and care has shaped another spectacular leaf.

Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’

This evergreen perennial beauty is not known as the Silver Queen for nothing. The extremely enigmatic silvery-green foliage of Aglaonema appears so splendid that this houseplant could make a stunning gift for royalty.

Its lance-shaped, striking variegated leaves shoot from small stems and nurture in an exemplary manner, giving it its only appearance. This gorgeous will look unbelievably wonderful in every setting, whether in your living room, office, sheltered garden, or patio. Now you may want to make your Silver Queen very happy by placing it in bright, indirect sunlight, but prevent direct light.

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