How to Care for a Hoya Carnosa

How to Care for a Hoya Carnosa

There are about 900 different known species, hybrids, and cultivars of the Hoya plant, so naturally, not every hoya is developed equal, and most of them have distinct traits and caring requirements. Hoya Carnosa is among the easiest of all other Hoyas and pretty happy with a bit of neglect! Read further to learn more about your hoya carnosa plant care.

Lighting Requirements Of your Hoya Carnosa

Hoya carnosa does excellent in bright sunlight, and a little direct sunlight is also acceptable for them. Some direct sunlight is advantageous in helping your Hoya plants to flower. However, make sure to save your plant from hot scorching summer sunlight! Indoors, a south-facing or west-facing window seems ideal. Most variegated Hoyas such as the H. carnosa 'Krimson Queen’ or 'Krimson princesses’ require more sunlight. However, solid green varieties withstand much more moderate sunlight. A solid green Hoya carnosa can be fine in an east-facing window. Outdoors, your Hoyas will prefer bright shade, especially when they hang under a proper shady tree and get dappled light. 

Watering Needs Of Your Hoya Plant

When it's too hot, humid, and too sunny, water your plants freely during their growing season. During the winter months, reduce the watering and ensure its soil is completely dried before watering. Your Hoya carnosa saves enough water in their succulent, fleshy leaves, so if you avoid watering once or twice, your Hoyas will forgive you. A great rule of thumb is watering your plants if their leaves begin to pucker a little bit. However, allowing the soil to remain too dry for so long (like you let your cactus dry out) will damage your Hoya plants.

Humidity And Temperature Requirements

Hoya carnosa grows excellent in high humidity. Other plant growing conditions such as better lighting and thorough water can be much less than optimal if your Hoya plants receive high humidity that imitates their natural growing habitats. For that reason, your Hoyas make the most beautiful bathroom houseplants if you got the right lighting conditions. It’s better to have your Hoya plants in more moderate humidity, about 40%, and they will do well. However, you may notice a dramatic increase in their growth once you introduce more humidity around them. In addition to that, if you consider misting your humidity lover Hoya carnosa, avoid doing so when your plant starts to flower.

Soil And Fertiliser Needs of Hoya Carnosa

Well-draining, aerated soil is essential, as your Hoyas dislike to stay as "wet feet." A good potting soil mix for your Hoyas is African Violet potting soil having cut with orchid bark and perlite. The African violet potting soil mix is exceptionally airy and light, which helps keep its soil well moist but never too soggy. Orchid bark and perlite help save the soil from packing and enhance drainage. Your Hoyas are light feeders and do not want a lot of fertiliser to flourish like many other flowering indoor plants. It's better not to apply fertiliser at all when your Hoya plant is in the flowering stage, as over-feeding will discourage flowering. 

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