How to use Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

How to use Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Every plant utilises light much differently from humans. While we use light as a source to see things, plants get energy from light to photosynthesis and thrive. A grow light is designed to supplement and provide plants with the correct light type in a range they require for life.

Can A Regular Light Bulb Be Used as A Grow Light?

Some regular light bulbs can produce the specific light waves required for plants. Mostly, they are not sufficient for growing plants. When choosing a grow light, consider the spectrum of light, colours, and shape which all focus on offering the plants the maximum energy they require to grow. Few grow lights may look like common household globes. However, it's important to remember that human eyes perceive and use light much differently than plants.

How Long Should You Keep a Grow Light On?

It depends on some factors to let your glow light on for your plants. It includes the specific light you are using, the condition your plants are in, and the purpose of using the light (For vegetables, flowering, or foliage growth). Grow lights must be on for about 8-10 hours a whole day to be effective for plants. That can go up to 16 hours based on the environment. That's the reason for LED glow lights popularity. If you want to keep them on all day, it's better to have an energy-efficient type.

Where Should You Position Your Grow Light?

Most individuals use grow lights attached to the base of their plant as an additional ceiling light or place in a lamp having a shade next to their plant. Such arrangements can help grow lights blend with your home decor. However, that won’t be much beneficial for your plant growth. A grow light requires to be unobstructed and very close to the plant to show its effects. Like all houseplants, strive to get more light by leaning towards the windows. They can also lean towards a grow light. That's why it's ideal for adjusting the grow lights above your plants to encourage them to thrive upwards, similar to nature.

What Grow Light Color Is Best?

Grow lights are available in various colours to use for your plants. That is because plants need different light waves for their processes, such as fruiting, flowering, or leafy growth. If you want to supplement grow lights for your houseplants (aka green, leafy growth), a full spectrum bulb will work best. A full spectrum bulb will give your plants a complete light range they require, and if you get a white one, they will be more attractive than the coloured ones. It is great for common houseplants such as peace lilies, calatheas, aphelandras, fiddle leaf figs, palms, philodendrons, and more. The grow lights also come in appealing colours such as red and blue. They also come in a combination of red and blue together. Red grow lights are ideal for flowering, whereas blue works well with vegetative growth. However, if your plants receive too much of a single colour, they may grow a bit deformed or in bad shape.

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