How To Grow Succulents from Cuttings

How To Grow Succulents from Cuttings


If your succulents seem a bit unruly or you want to grow a new succulents collection, there is an easy way to do that. Fortunately, a super easy method of propagating succulents is through cuttings, and it needs very little care to thrive perfectly. Follow these simple steps to have your own succulents collection at home.

Get The Cutting

Start by finding a suitable area on your succulent to get the cutting. Through the stem of your succulent, make a quick and even cut with the help of pruning shears to isolate the cutting. The cutting should have about one-inch stem exposed for successful planting. You may also have to remove the bottom leaves of the cutting.

Let The Cuttings Callous

After getting the cutting from the plant's stem, you shouldn't be planting it in the soil right away. Keep the cutting aside for about 24 hours in a dry spot to allow the injured stem of your plant's cutting to be callous over completely. Check the stem to see if it is properly healed and that there is no moisture left in any of its areas. Now, it's time for the cutting to be planted.

Plant The Cutting

Take a small-sized plastic or terracotta pot and add a well-draining soil or succulents mix to it. Make a small hole in the middle region of the soil and place your succulents' stem cutting in that hole, whilst you also firm up the dirt gently around it. Remember to keep the lowest leaf of your cutting to sit slightly above the soil to prevent rot. After cutting, don't water your cutting and be sure to locate it in a spot with bright indirect sunlight and leave it there for almost 2-3 weeks.

Watering When the Roots Sprout

Unlike other plants, propagating succulents don't require much watering for their initial growth. After planting the cutting, you need to wait to water your new succulent until roots develop. Watering the new cutting immediately after planting will quickly lead to cutting rot under the soil. Fret not! Your succulent's cutting can happily survive without water for a long time. After resting the cutting for almost 2-3 weeks, it's time to give its top a gentle pull to check for the roots. If you feel any resistance, roots are growing, and now you can water the new cutting. Once the cutting has fully developed roots, it will need watering more frequently to regular succulents until completely grown. Let the top 3 cm of the plant's soil dry out between watering to avoid overwatering your new succulent.

Be Patient 

Succulent cuttings tend to grow slowly, so always be patient when dealing with your new plant. Over a few months, you will start noticing new plant growth. Once your succulent cuttings are fully mature, you can gradually move them back into strong light or full sun, as most succulents love to thrive in such conditions. You don't have to give it much attention, and they can survive in neglect too. All your succulents need is intense light and watering each time the soil seems dry to touch. When it comes to propagating succulents, be patient and you will be rewarded.

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