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You can buy mature succulents at most plant shops, but why not make your own succulents to make nice potted arrangements?

Buy succulent cuttings online and have them delivered to NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT (non-quarantine states in Australia).

🚧 Our Succulent Cuttings packs will be coming back soon better and improved 🚧

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  • Tradescantia Zebrina / Wandering Jew / Spiderwort Plant - Cuttings (5pcs)
    tradescantia zebrina wandering jew spiderwort plant cuttings 5pcs
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Why Buy from Cheeky Plant Co.?

Why buy from Cheeky Plant Co.?

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Succulent Cuttings Australia

We offer succulent cuttings from some of the easiest succulents to propagate and grow. The success rate for growing plants from succulent cuttings is very high. Do not overwater and no full sun just yet until they have fully rooted. It takes time and you need to let them slowly adajust to sunlight otherwise they will burn.

Tip: If any of the leaves are accidentally fallen off from the succulent cutting, you have leaf props! That is, you can grow new succulents from those leaves. Leaf propagation is slower than stem propagation for succulents, but with patience and TLC, you can make lots more clones of your succulents.

Succulent Cuttings for Sale

In addition to our succulent cuttings packs, we alsoΒ cuttings for standalone plants. We grow a lot of succulent varieties so our succulent cuttings availability and mix will depend on the season and what we have in stock. We do this on rotation to ensure our mother plants have time to recover and grow new stems and branches. Buy jade cuttings, aeonium cuttings, sedum cuttings, graptoveria cuttings, crassula cuttings, echeveria cuttings and more at Cheeky Plant Co.

Succulent Clippings / Succulent Pups / Succulent Cuttings

When planting succulent cuttings, you can just put them directly into the soil once you receive them. If you want to be more careful you could even let them dry out for a few days so that the cut part callouses over, before planting them in soil.

Propagating Succulents

We propagate our own succulents to make our succulent cuttings packs. If you want to make your own cuttings, simply cut at the stem (leave some leaves on either end for optimal regrowth, however, new leaves and pups will grow from a leafless stem) or you can 'behead' a succulent and replant it or you can pull off leaves to propagate by leaf. Propagating succulents in water is also an option, but we do not think it' worth the effort compared to just planting direct in soil. Most succulents will have whether it's propagating jade plant , echeveria propagation, aeonium propagation, sedum propagation, crassula propagation etc.


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