How To Care for Hoya Plants

How To Care for Hoya Plants

Around 200 Hoya plant varieties exist, each with incredible colours and shapes. This gorgeousness is seen in the blooms and the foliage as well. These are well-known houseplants that habitually bloom in the first year. However, if Hoyas are indoor plants, there is a chance that the growth process could take much longer. Let's discuss some of the specific requirements of Hoyas, beginning with its roots and the soil type that they prefer to grow well.

Soil Needs

Hoyas require soil that is aerated, rich and drains perfectly. Generally, an organic soil mix seems great for Hoyas to prosper and thrive. It is created from compost, organic potting soil, fine fir bark, and worm castings. If you have your Hoya plants in a container, they prefer staying in close quarters, so transferring the Hoyas into a bigger pot will do more harm than good.


Like many plants in your home, the Hoyas like to be fed with high-quality fertiliser. You can utilise liquid fertiliser for your Hoya plants once every month during their growing season. However, it would be best to cut back on feeding your Hoyas in cold weather. Hoya plants should never be fertilised in the winter months as they go into a semi-dormant state.


Hoya plants crave water in the spring and summer seasons, and they require it more to stay hydrated for a longer time. Water your Hoyas thoroughly, and if their container is well-draining, then you don't have to water them again for at least two weeks. If the top of its soil is dry, your Hoya plants need watering again and if the soil is still moist, wait for some time before watering them again. In winter, cut back on your watering routine or make it once a month as Hoyas is in a semi-dormant state.

Light Requirements

Sunlight is essential for your Hoya plants, but indirect light is an ideal one. Hanging your Hoyas directly in the window can cause the burning of its leaves due to the direct heat coming from the sun. A sun-facing window works best for your beautiful Hoya plants and gives the perfect sunlight it needs. However, if you don’t have natural lighting option available in your home, regular fluorescent lights or plant grow lights will do that job for your plants. Your Hoya plants love morning sunlight, and if they don't get enough of that, it will not bloom.


Hoya plants with gorgeous flowers are of tropical origin, so you don't want to keep these beauties in an extremely cold environment. It's good to maintain the space where you want to keep your plants with a temperature of around 50Β°F.


Hoyas are long, lush houseplants that do not require pruning unless they become unruly. The only pruning your Hoya plants need is cutting off their dead growth and maintaining their overall size. If you notice your plants are becoming uncontrollably too long, cut them back. You can use the cuttings to gift your loved ones and let them enjoy their beauties as well.

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