How to Care for a Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant is a popular houseplant that is easy to care for. It has the ability to clean your air and give off oxygen at night, making it perfect for people who are conscious about their health. In this article we will discuss how to take care of a Chinese Money Plant (also known as Pilea peperomioides) in order to keep them happy, healthy, and looking their best!

caring for a chinese money plant

Keep the plant in indirect light. It doesn't like moving air or drafts, so keep it away from doorways and windowsills. Make sure you water thoroughly when watering Chinese Money Plants but don't let them sit in wet soil for too long. This plant is sensitive to water, so make sure you never overwater it. When watering your Money Plant, make sure the soil has been dried out completely before adding more water. Also be aware that if any of the leaves are drooping and wilting away from its stem, this means that too much moisture may have built up.

It's simple to take care of this plant, but it does like to be in direct sunlight. The Chinese Money Plant can grow up to two feet tall and needs a lot of space! You should also know that the Chinese Money Plant likes less water at night so you want to water more during the day time when the sun is shining brightly on it.

With keeping the Chinese Money Plant in your life, you'll find a lot of benefits. It's believed that if you carry it with you or keep one in your office, this will bring luck because they are very hard to kill and it's leaves symbolise money! This plant is also known to attract wealth. If you place one on your office desk, you will supposedly have good luck in your career and business.

This plant can be prone to pests and if you have a Chinese Money Plant with some pests, try to use an insecticide solution to wash the leaves.

The Chinese Money Plant can be grown in low-light or no light situations. Lastly, this indoor houseplant is very easy to maintain. One reason being that the Chinese Money Plant doesn't need too much watering - if the leaves start looking droopy that's when you know you definitely need to water it. Also by giving them an occasional diluted fertilising solution monthly they will live long happy lives with minimal effort on your part!

In Summary:

These are the basic Chinese Money Plant Care Instructions:

  • Keep in medium to low light conditions.
  • Water the plant when the leaves start looking droopy or dry, do not water it more than once a week though!
  • Feed monthly with diluted fertilising solution, but only if necessary and never on a weekly basis.
  • Plants can grow up to 40cm tall so make sure you don't overcrowd them by giving them enough space.
  • Don't overfeed plants as this will cause excess root growth which could lead to stunted roots and problems such as overwatering.

The Chinese Money Plant is a great houseplant for beginnersΒ with minimal requirements and upkeep. Just keep track of the watering and make sure it doesn't outgrow it's pot and you'll be all good. You can purchase the Chinese Money Plant available here at Cheeky Plant Co.

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