17 Best Low Light Indoor Plants for the Home or Office

best low light indoor plants for the home or office
For people living in apartments, in rooms with not much sunlight or working in an office that is lit by unnatural light, it can be hard to keep and maintain indoor plants. Plants that don't get enough light can end up growing etiolated and die a slow eventual death if they are not shade-loving indoor plants. That's why it's important to choose plants that are correctly suited to the environment that they will be placed in, otherwise you have to constantly move them to chase the sunlight.

Images of tropical, full-sun plants fill up gardening books and magazines. But if you're looking for a more realistic and practical plant to add to your home or office, then consider the wide variety of low-light indoor plants for their beauty and lower maintenance. Low light indoor plants are the answer when you need to brighten up a hallway or large cubicle space that receives very few hours of light per day. They're perfect for offices and homes with sun-blocking windows or architectural limitations.

Here's a list of best low light indoor plants that you won't have to keep moving around or worry too much about:


The Peperomia Lemon Lime adds bright colour to the home or office as a low light plant. It is also a very low maintenance plant.

2. Zamioculcas zamiifolia / Zanzibar gem / ZZ Plant

This ZZ plant laughs at those who neglect it with little light. Its low light capabilities makes it an excellent shade plant that just won't die - if you don't purposely try to make it.

3. Peperomia Jade (Peperomia obtusifolia)

Peperomia Jades are one of the staple low light indoor plants that people get if they are new to the plant hobby. It has nice healthy green leaves that stay that way.

4. Phlebodium Blue Star Fern

A lesser known low light plant is the Blue Star Fern. It is hardier than most of your common green ferns and actually looks cooler too!

5. Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) / Pothos

The devil's ivy plant is one of the best low light indoor plants you can get. It boasts a high survivability rate and can adapt to almost all conditions in the home or office.

6. Sansevieria Trifasciata Superba / Mother-In-Law's Tongue

Yellow-edged snake plants like this one are a testament to the beauty you can acquire from a low light plant. It too can handle a lot of neglect.

7. Maranta leuconeura Red Vein Prayer Plant

The red veins of the Maranta leuconeura are spectacular. It almost doesn't look real! This is both a pretty and pretty good plant for low light conditions.

8. Sansevieria ehrenbergii Star

The snake plant is a low maintenance plant that can take all levels of light, from low to high. In the home or office, this indoor plant can still thrive.

9. Peperomia caperata Ruby Ripple

A crimson beauty this truly is... It is a very bold colour for a low light plant and one of the best looking Peperomias for the home too.

10. Syngonium White Butterfly

The White Butterfly Syngonium is a pretty white and light green coloured variety that goes well in low-to-medium light. Staring at it feels like a dream.

11. Asplenium australasicum Birds Nest Fern

The Birds Nest Fern may look messy but it brings lots of personality as a low light plant into your indoor jungle. As a native Australian plant, it is a good one for us Aussie plant parents to embrace.

12. Philodendron Cordatum

The heart-shaped leaves of this Philodendron love the low light conditions in your home or office. Remember to give it some love back!

13. Ctenanthe burle marxii Fishbone Prayer Plant

The Ctenanthe burle marxii has ridiculously aesthetic fishbone patterns all over its foliage. Being able to handle low light, this indoor plant is a perfect pick for creating an exotic look in your home.

14. Syngonium Infra-red

Quite a special Syngonium as it is a unique pink colour. This low light tolerant plant is a good pick for those who want to add more colour to their indoor jungles.

15. Peperomia caperata Silver Ripple

This Peperomia caperata can handle low light levels very well. Perfect for placement on office desks or book shelves.

16. Monstera Siltepecana

The Monstera siltepecana is an excellent low light climbing plant that is perfect for the home or office. Check out its awesome leaf patterns!

17. Devil's Ivy 'Goldilocks' (Epipremnum aureum) / Pothos

Similar to the regular devil's ivy - this neon version is great for brightening up dull rooms that aren't lit up enough.

There are many low light indoor plants for the home or office. Just remember that low light does not mean no light - there still needs to be some light. The best houseplants for low-light conditions will thrive the most if you can find a relatively sunny spot in your home where you get about at least two to four hours of good sun a day, which would result in nice healthy growth. With low light plants, you just need to check if it's getting enough water. It's so much easier having one less thing to worry about as a plant parent.

If you'd like see more easy indoor plants, make sure to check out our easy and low maintenance indoor plants blog post. At Cheeky Plant Co., you can buy the best indoor plants in Australia with ease.

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