8 Rare Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them

8 Rare Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them

Below we have rounded up eight rare indoor houseplants and top tips on caring for these popular varieties.

Raven ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is notoriously among the ideal indoor plants for naive plant hobbyists. It can tolerate low sunlight and inadequate watering and go well without fertiliser. The glossy black color of the ZZ plant is the reason for its uniqueness. This plant is genuinely stunning as not many houseplants feature such beautiful dark leaves.

Alocasia Black Velvet

The alocasia black velvet or alocasia regular comes with gorgeous velvety black leaves having silver veins, making it a perfect statement indoor plant. While your alocasias prefer bright indirect light, they can also tolerate low light conditions. Water when the top two inches of its pot dry out, and to add some moisture, use a humidifier. Apply fertilisers monthly by using diluted liquid fertiliser in the spring and summer.

Alocasia Dragon Scale

The incredible alocasia dragon scale comes with silvery green textured leaves having gray veins. It prefers well-draining, aerated soil, so consider using perlite or pumice to prevent drowning roots. Additionally, humidity must be a top priority with your alocasia dragon scale.

Philodendron Burle Marx

Philodendron Burle Marx, a tolerant plant, is an upright shrub variety featuring thick green leaves. Since this plant usually grows only up to two feet in height, it’s the best pick for apartment dwellers who don’t have a room for some long, trailing houseplants. All your Philodendron wants is to grow constantly in well-draining soil with lots of bright indirect sunlight.

Monstera Peru

The monstera Peru showcases leathery, puckered trailing leaves that thrive prolifically. This plant is an excellent choice for those who love a low-maintenance plant. It can undoubtedly grow well with bright indirect sunlight and high humidity, but it can also be a low-light and drought-tolerant plant depending on its environment.

Philodendron Florida Alba Beauty

The philodendron Florida alba beauty, when it grows big, pushes out beautiful trailing, glossy leaves featuring deep red petioles. The foliage develops mottled, creamy color but then turns into a medium green with time. This plant isn’t specifically high-maintenance, and it will do great in bright indirect sunlight. Weekly watering along with monthly feeding will work. As with other easygoing philodendrons, this plant can also tolerate low-light, occasional watering, and irregular fertilising, but you may observer slower plant growth.

Variegated Hoya Carnosa Compacta

The variegated hoya carnosa compacta have thick, beautifully twisted green leaves featuring splashes of stunning cream color. It prefers bright indirect sunlight and average temperatures. The carnosa compacta plant likes moisture; while you mustn’t overwater it, provide it with adequate humidity to save it from becoming puckered and wrinkly.

Philodendron Gloriosum

This crawling philodendron gloriosum comes with dark green leaves featuring contrasting white veins. This plant can easily tolerate drought and a wide range of temperature conditions (between 45°F and 95°F, in fact). Plant your beautiful gloriosum inside a loose, well-draining soil and provide it with monthly feedings using diluted liquid fertiliser.

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