Philodendron Gloriosum Care

Philodendron Gloriosum Care

Philodendron gloriosum, a member of the Araceae family, is a beautiful terrestrial plant. It belongs to the Philodendron genus and is called a crawling Philodendron featuring pale to stunning white veins and heartleaf-shaped gorgeous green velvety foliage. Follow these caring tips for your Philodendron Gloriosum plant.


Well-draining soil extremely rich in the organic matter seems ideal when you need it for your Philodendron gloriosum. A soil having 5-8 pH works best for your plant. You can use an orchid soil potting mix and add perlite and peat to develop better aeration and lighten up its soil. The reason is straightforward. You must always try to mimic your plant’s natural habitat to let them thrive at its best.


Philodendron gloriosum loves to thrive in bright indirect sunlight. However, there’s a considerable debate in the aroid collectors industry whether shade, semi-shade, or a sunny place is an ideal growing environment for the Philodendron gloriosum.

Based on experts' advice, these plants thrive excellent close to any window that receives bright indirect sunlight. However, excessive direct sunlight can result in yellow leaves and damage your entire plant. Let’s, therefore, keep them under bright indirect sunlight.

An additional effect of plenty of lights that you will notice is more giant leaves. And your Philodendron is all about beautiful large velvety, perfectly veined leaves. Long leggy plant leaves with huge distances between them are indicators that your Philodendron is not receiving sufficient sunlight. Spot your plant near a window but also ensure that the sun rays don’t strike on its leaves directly.


Keep your plant’s soil damp but never soggy. Philodendron gloriosum is a plant that loves to have slightly wet soil, but you shouldn’t overdo that as it will result in root rot.

There's nothing to worry about because Philodendron is among those plants that can survive when overwatered once or twice. If you notice drooping leaves, it’s a sign of either overwatering or underwatering.

If you overwater the philodendron gloriosum, its roots won't intake further water. The leaves of this plant will start to droop. 

If you don’t provide sufficient water, your plant will also show it by dropping leaves. The ideal way to check that is to insert your index finger in the soil to know whether it’s due to overwatering or underwatering.


The optimal temperature range for your Philodendron gloriosum is between 65°F to 85°F (18°C – 29°C). Night temperatures range of 60°F to 70°F (16°C – 21°C) seems ideal. According to USDA plant hardiness zones, your philodendron gloriosum thrives in USDA hardiness zone 11.


This philodendron plant grows best in slightly higher humidity between 60 and 80%. They can also survive in humidity levels of about 40-50% if needed, but that’s certainly not good. If the humidity level falls under 40%, you will want to use a humidifier to increase the humidity level indoors.


Use liquid fertiliser about half-strength monthly during spring and summer. Also, make sure to decrease fertilisation to around eight weeks during autumn and winter for your Philodendron gloriosum.

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