8 Indoor Plants You Can Grow in Water

8 Indoor Plants You Can Grow in Water

Various indoor houseplants are genetically programmed to develop roots from small plant pieces soaked in water. It is called propagation and survival adaptation. You can take the benefits of this trick to multiply your indoor plant collection without spending money or anything. Below are eight indoor plants that you can easily grow in water using a plant propagation station:

African Violet

Thriving your African violet in water from its leaves is generally an ideal way to have a clone of a parent plant. You can select young and healthy plant leaves to initiate new plants. Start by cutting the leaf with around two inches of its stem and rest it in a narrow-necked bottle. It will take a month to grow the roots.

Baby's Tears

Baby' tears houseplants develop many small leaves on creeping plants forming a thick yet soft trailing mat. You can pinch off some stems along with their roots and see how easily your plant will grow in water. It is important to change the water once a week to keep it clean and healthy.


Begonia plants come with thick, succulent stems that are extremely forgiving when growing their stems in water - which makes Begonias quite easy to care for. You can grow a whole new plant with a single leaf. It can take a few months to grow its roots completely. It is good to change its water weekly to avoid any bacteria that can cause rot.


Coleus is becoming popular among gardeners and plant lovers due to its beautiful varieties that can decor your entire garden. These indoor plants are extremely easy to grow and propagate in water, enabling you to make a colony of charming coleus plants. You can take six inches cutting and remove the plant's leaves from its bottom four inches and sit them in a vase or glass of water. Roots will develop in several weeks, and make sure to change its water to prevent rot.


Sometimes, it's hard to keep impatiens moist enough. However, they can thrive as marginal pond plants, indicating how much they love staying in the water. Take some stems off the plant and overwinter them in a bottle to let them root and develop clones of their parent plant.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo with its hardy stalks can make a great living centrepiece that needs no soil at all. You can grow this plant easily in water. However, this plant can get very top-heavy and need something to stay intact. Surround your plant stand with colourful rocks and gravel for support and give them an ornamental look.


Philodendron is an ultra-easy indoor plant that grows well in water. You can usefully develop philodendron stems for water cultivation, and they seem perfect in vases of various colours and sizes.


Spiderwort plants bridge a colour gap in your indoor plant collection like no other easy-to-grow plant can do. You can trim up your plant and use the cuttings to grow in water. If you add a few stems to a vase of water, this plant will keep up its growth in your home.

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