13 Best Climbing/Trailing/Creeper Indoor Plants for the Home

best climbing indoor plants for home

Every plant parent wants to transform their plant collection into a true indoor jungle as quickly as possible. However, most are lacking a key element - climbing indoor plants! These climbers would help cover all the vertical and horizontal aspects of your indoor garden, tying the whole aesthetic together. Having plants that only grow upwards is not enough. You need fast-growers that have potential to fill up any empty spaces.

A lot of people prefer vertical gardening indoors as opposed to traditional gardening in a yard, garden or even terrace. There are various ways to create vertical garden and they can be very simple and unique, such as using climbing houseplants. Climbing plants are very popular to use as interior plant decorations.

Here's a list of the best indoor trailing plants for your home that can help you reach that indoor jungle dream.

1. Epipremnum aureum Snow Queen / Devil's Ivy / Pothos

The Snow Queen is an adorable climbing plant that looks much better than your standard devil's ivy. With its green splotches and variegated leaves, this pothos plant is a sight to behold.

2. Philodendron brasil

Did someone bring a paintbrush? This beautiful creeper plant looks as if someone took yellow paint and splashed a line in the centre of it. It truly is an artwork.

3. Tradescantia Fluminensis Tricolour - Variegated Pink - Wandering Jew

This charming wandering jew plant is super attractive with its white and pink accents. It has the same attributes of a regular Tradescantia zebrina - it's fast-growing as a climbing/hanging plant and is very hardy.

4. Rhaphidophora tetrasperma Mini Monstera

Did you know the Mini Monstera is a delightful climbing plant that is not actually a Monstera? It's from another family of plants though it does have somewhat similar leaves.

5. Epipremnum aureum Marble Queen / Devil's Ivy / Pothos

The speckled variegation of the Marble Queen is something you'd expect to see on a variegated monstera. It is a lovely indoor climbing plant to keep in your home.

6. Philodendron micans

The velvet leaves of the Philodendron micans is an interesting one. Majority of the leaves on this climbing plant are green, with some a blend of orange-green and a few that are full orange.

7. Tradescantia Zebrina / Wandering Jew / Spiderwort Plant

This plant can spread like wildfire. As a fast grower, it is commonly grown in hanging plant pots or in regular pots allowing it to trail across, up or down furniture.

8. Devil's Ivy 'Goldilocks' (Epipremnum aureum) / Pothos

An all-yellow-green variation of the devil's ivy, the Goldilocks is a climber with bright neon colour that contrasts well in a room with dark elements.

9. Monstera Siltepecana

This narrow-leafed climbing plant is an interesting monstera variety with its nice leaf texture. It can grow upwards quite well with a trellis.

10. Rhaphidophora Decursiva / Dragon Tail Pothos

This awesome dragon tail pothos starts out with shiny dark green regular-shaped leaves which fenestrates as it grows larger and climbs up.

11. Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) / Pothos

The classic devil's ivy is an excellent climbing plant that does well in almost all conditions as an indoor plant. It grows fast and is hard-to-kill.

12. Hedera helix 'Camouflage' / English Ivy

This indoor trailing plant remains fully visible despite its camo printed leaves. It grows fast and is great for covering walls as it spreads across whatever it is trailing on.

13. Philodendron Cordatum

This heart leaf philodendron is an indoor climbing plant with leaves that are shaped like hearts similar to the chain of hearts but even better. Let it grow long and it will eventually trail its way into your heart.

There are two ways to enjoy your favorite houseplants. You can appreciate their beauty the normal way, or you can embark on training them into becoming a glorious hanging plant. Climbing houseplants are a great choice to decorate your indoor space. They provide an opportunity for creativity and do not require any special skills to train your selected plant into becoming an attractive climbing specimen.

After adding more trailing plants to your collection, you'll definitely make your home or office look more like a true indoor jungle. Get creative with an indoor vine wall, put your trailing plants in hanging baskets and let your indoor creeper plants crawl along bookshelves, There's so much you can achieve with climbing indoor plants! If you are looking to save space, or just want to make some of your plants have a little bit more height and presence, then climbing houseplants are the one for you.

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