Buzz Mini Insect Indoor Pot Traps 5pk

Buzz Mini Insect Indoor Pot Traps 5pk

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Protect your beloved indoor plants from pesky plant pests, using the Buzz Mini Insect Indoor Pot Traps. These are eco-friendly and poison free. They are small in size, and appropriate for using in pots.

It's designed to keep plant pests such as aphids, white-flies, gnats, thrips, and leaf-miners, away from your indoor plants.

Why use Yellow Sticky Traps?

⭐ Attracts and traps pests: Effectively captures common houseplant pests like fungus gnats and whiteflies. Yellow is the most effective colour!

⭐ Poison-free pest control: Offers a safe, non-toxic method for managing insect infestations.

⭐ Easy monitoring of pest levels: Helps identify and monitor the extent of pest problems, aiding in timely intervention.

Each pack contains 5 traps.

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