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Buy Rare Plants Online Australia

Having rare plants indoors is a great way to make your family or friends envious of your home. At Cheeky Plant Co., we stock a broad range of common houseplants and exotic, unusual house plants for sale which appeal to all sorts of crazy plant people.


Rare Indoor Plants Australia

Australians love their indoor plants. We all seem to have exceptional taste in the colours and types of foliage of these unique plants and will often pay top dollar for specimens that are hard to come by. Rare indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular because there's just something special about their appearance and the symbol of rarity makes it very enticing, sometimes much more than their aesthetic appeal. If you think you're deserving of a rare plant, you should go and get it, so long as you have a basic understanding of how to look after the plant carefully so you don't accidentally kill it!

Rare Indoor Plants Sydney

Whilst we deliver rare plants to NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT via AusPost Express Post, we also offer same/next day delivery for Sydney via local courier delivery service. This guarantees delivery on the same day of dispatch which means happy and healthy rare plants straight to your door in Sydney.

Rare Tropical Plants AustraliaΒ 

Many people love collecting unusual, uncommon or exotic tropical plants. There seems to be a big obsession with aroids at the moment. The best way to judge if an indoor plant is worth buying is by comparing its appearance with similar-looking specimens that are more readily available.

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We're always adding new rare indoor plants for sale from time-to-time as we replenish our plant stock so please sign up to our newsletter for weekly updates from our rare plant shop.

When you buy rare indoor plants online in Australia, expect great value and quality for the price that we sell them for at Cheeky Plant Co. Subscribe to our newsletter and gain exclusive access to instant alerts on new arrivals of exotic and rare tropical plants in Australia which we sometimes stock. We delivery rare plants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.


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