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We have over a hundred different varieties of indoor houseplants at our plant store, and you can save when you buy more. It’s simple. You’ll want to get some plant pots and plant stands for them (we can supply those too), and then think about whether you are looking for air plants, houseplants or succulents.Most of our houseplants are quite easy to care for too. We can explain how you can set them up without too much bother. Indeed we believe in making things as simple as we can for our plant customers. So if you would like some ideas on how to make your home look amazing by using indoor houseplants, we’re sure you will get plenty of inspiration from our online plant shop.

If you’re thinking of adding some greenery to your home, then you should give our plants a look. Not only are they easy to care for, but many also reduce stress, anxiety and improve air quality. Sign up to our newsletter for a discount code to buy more indoor plants and save even more money than before!

More Plants. More Savings. Buy 3 or more indoor plants and save $5 off at checkout!

Plants matter. Whether for your own benefit or for the benefit of those around you, plants are great. Indoor plants, in particular, are something that we can all benefit from — whether you have kids, pets, or work in an office. They make us feel better by improving air quality and increasing happiness among the humans around them.


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