Indoor Plants Delivery Canberra, ACT Australia

Indoor plants deliveredΒ in Canberra

WeΒ deliver the best indoor plants in AustraliaΒ to Canberra,Β Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. This extends to the entire states of NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT. We only charge a flat rate delivery fee of $15 and offer free delivery on all orders over $150.

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An interstateΒ house plant deliveryΒ to CanberraΒ is safe and easy with Cheeky Plant Co. as we ensure that hand-picked plants are in good condition before packaging and we also maintain high standards of packaging the plants securely so thatΒ ourΒ indoor plantsΒ arrive safely to their new homes.

At Cheeky Plant Co., our customers usually buy plants from us because of theseΒ requirements:

Browse our huge indoor plant range and send a plant in Canberra to friends and family or just spoil yourself with more plants!

Please read this Australia Post Express page for more information on indoor plants Canberra delivery.

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Order indoor plants or send house plants in Canberra

An indoor plant gift delivery is a guaranteed way to impress your family or friends. Send a plant orΒ indoor plant bundleΒ toΒ someone in CanberraΒ via our plant delivery service. AΒ succulent deliveryΒ of one of our succulent gift boxes or succulent starter packs is a popularΒ choice, but you can never go wrong with a house plant gift delivery.Β Expect nothing but theΒ best indoor plants inΒ Canberra.

Plants delivered to your door

Having a live plant delivery in Canberra means you'll have healthyΒ plants deliveredΒ to your home. You won't have to travel all the way to buy them in person and then have a hard transit back home. An online plant shop is truly a blessing for plant parents these days!

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