Cheap Indoor Plants Online in Australia

CheapΒ Indoor Plants Australia

At Cheeky Plant Co., we try to make it possible for plant parents to buy cheap plants online that are also of great quality. Cheap house plants doesn't have to mean that it's a tiny little tubestock plant like what you would see at other online plant shops or nurseries. The indoor plants we stock are healthily grown in 105mm to 130mm pots. We also sell indoor plants as indoor plant bundles based on requirements such as pet friendly plants, beginner plants and by species such as peperomias, syngoniums, monsteras and philodendrons. We are one of the best places to buy plants cheap, especially with our amazingly broad range of plant varieties. We've got cheap succulents for sale and also offer wholesale indoor plants.

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Cheap Indoor Plants Sydney / New South Wales

We've got lots of cheap indoor plants for sale in Sydney, NSW.

Cheap Indoor Plants Melbourne / Victoria

We've got lots of cheapΒ indoor plantsΒ for sale inΒ Melbourne, VIC.

Cheap Indoor Plants Adelaide / South Australia

We've got lots of cheapΒ indoor plantsΒ for sale inΒ Adelaide, SA.

Cheap Indoor Plants Brisbane / Queensland

We've got lots of cheapΒ indoor plantsΒ for sale inΒ Brisbane, QLD.

Cheap Indoor Plants Canberra / Australian Capital Territory

We've got lots of cheapΒ indoor plantsΒ for sale in Canberra, ACT.

cheap indoor plants online in australia

Cheap Succulents Australia

For plant parents new to collecting succulents, we have lots of cheap plants for sale online in the form of succulent starter packs and succulent gift packs. Buying succulent plants in packs is much better value than buying individually and introduces you to up to 6 different varieties of succulents! We grow our succulents in 60mm and 105mm pots.

cheap succulents for sale in australia

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