Why Buy Succulent Plants from an Online Succulent Shop?

It's a question as old as time: when it comes to buying succulents, do you buy them from a garden centre or order them online? I don't know about you but not everyone is the type of person who likes going to the store. It's too crowded and there are always those people who just stand around blocking our way when we’re looking at plants. Plus, it's hard to find anything because they're all mixed together on shelves with no labels. And if that weren't enough, there are only so many plants they have! If I want something specific like a Haworthia Zebra plant for example, I can't even find one! So why would anyone want to go into a store then?

Buy Succulents from an Online Succulent Shop

You have a love for succulents that you can't explain, but is there anything more satisfying than seeing new little green leaves popping out of their plants? You're not alone! Many people share your excitement and passion for bringing plant life into their homes. The best part about keeping succulents is that they don't require much attention, which means you'll be able to enjoy them even more. With an online succulent shop like ours, you'll have access to all types of succulent plants with tons of different colors and shapes so it's easy for anyone to find something they love. We offer great deals on our succulents because we want everyone who loves plants as much as us to be able to bring some greenery into their lives! 

Buying succulents online… why not? With the convenience and affordability of an online plant store, it's easy to fill up every corner of your house with beautiful succulents. Online succulent shops are the perfect place for buying succulents because:

  1. You can purchase succulent plants without having to even step foot outside of your home. Yes, this is absolutely perfect if you’re an introvert or trapped in your own home because of quarantine restrictions. Shopping for succulents online is so much safer and faster! Australia Post Express Post is fast, but same day succulent delivery is even better!
  2. Gone are the days of putting in so much effort, bringing a plant home and finding out it's not what you wanted. Take away the transit times of having to actually go to a plant store and then try and transport the plants safely back home. It would be such a journey to do so!
  3. Plants from an online succulent store will be carefully packaged such that when they arrive, they'll be in great condition, which is vital when ordering live plants like succulents.
  4. The customer service at online stores is most often at a high level of satisfaction, and staff are able to answer any questions that you might have about shipping or planting your new succulents.
  5. There are heaps of species of succulents available at online stores like Cheeky Plant Co., including Echeveria, Haworthia, Crassula, Sempervivum and more! Succulent packs make great gifts for family and friends.
  6. You no longer have to experience going to a physical store only to discover that the plant you wanted is out of stock. It’s a common experience of people going to their local Bunnings store. Avoid that by ordering succulents online and having them delivered with guarantee!
  7. Free shipping is an option for everyone who orders over a specific amount, which makes it worthwhile to purchase more than one plant at a time when you order succulents online.
  8. Discount codes for online plant shops can be used when you buy succulents online. 
  9. Shopping for succulents online means there’s less pressure and you can take your time researching the succulents that you want. You can also get succulent gifts for friends or family!
  10. Online succulent stores have more variety with their stock, so you don’t have to go from store to store. There’s also easy plant descriptions for each succulent listings so you know exactly what you’re getting along with basic plant care tips for that specific plant. If you don't know what succulents to get, maybe try getting a succulent starter pack or succulent gift box.
  11. You can buy rare succulent plants online at a rare plant shop with ease rather than going on a wild goose chase in physical stores which never get rare plant stock.

Simply put, buying succulents online is probably the best option if you want to save time or don’t want to leave the house. Online plant shops will deliver your succulent plants safely so they arrive in excellent condition. With all of these advantages of purchasing succulents online, what are you waiting for? Get more succulents online today at Cheeky Plant Co. and find out which type of succulents are perfect for you!

P.S. If you're after a super large order of wholesale succulent plants for wedding succulent favours, plant favours for events, corporate succulent gifts etc., we offer wholesale succulents in Sydney NSW.

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