Plants That Thrive on Neglect

Plants That Thrive on Neglect

Stop discouraging yourself by saying that you kill plants and give yourself a chance to start over. As a naive gardener, you have to select the right plants to start with, and there are many easy-going plants for you. Here are some of the most adaptive and strong plants that every plant lover must have in their home.

Moth Orchid

With its beautiful butterfly-like winged petals, this famous orchid seems very delicate but its not. Moth orchid prefers moderate sunlight but never direct light. You can place it in your bathroom where it can enjoy some light and a bit of steam bath as well when you shower. An occasional splash of water can also work for these plants. Keep this plant’s blooms longer by pruning when its flowers drop and no buds are visible. Feed your orchid once a year for its better flowering.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is not a palm but is closely related to yucca. This plant has a great appearance and elegant drooping habit.

Your ponytail palm loves bright sunlight or full sun with low humidity levels and prefers the dry air of your heated homes. This plant rarely demands any repotting, works excellent when root-bound, and will grow to more than two metres in height.

Jade Plant (a.k.a. Money Plant)

The jade plant has incredible durability, often living longer than its original owner. With its attractive, bright green shiny leaves, it sparkles in a group of any small potted houseplants with beautiful contrasting shades and leaf forms. Your jade plant likes well-ventilated areas. Even in artificial light, it is hardy enough to tolerate that. With either lots of natural light or a darker area, it is happy to stay in that spot and the same soil for years. It hates unnecessary watering and cold drafts. Water your jade plant only when dry and keep them hardly moist during winter.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, a spiky wonder, makes its way to your home for several reasons. They are considered the living first aid kits for you. You can keep them in your kitchen to salve scrapes and burns by squeezing its pure gel and applying it to the wound. Also, its gel can be added to your healthy drinks. Aloe Vera prefers sandy soil for better growth. Let its soil dry before watering it again, and repot your plant only when necessary. Your aloe plant doesn't prefer high humidity and harsh sunlight, similar to more succulents, and would not do well in your bathroom.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (a k.a. Snake Plant)

The snake plant is the Bear Grylls of the houseplant world. It is infallible, resilient, and attractive by all means. This incredibly upright succulent is marvelous in today’s modern setting, creating a living sculpture. The snake plant's rich green lemon-striped and vertical leaves emphasize room height, improve air quality, and enhance timber tones beautifully. It likes moderately bright sunlight, moving towards low sunlight with the rare, dappled sun. Dry, warm air, soft peaty soil, and a regular wipe of the leaves can help keep its pores clean. Don't overwater your snake plant as it will result in root rot.

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