Plants That Thrive in Low Light

Plants That Thrive in Low Light

Not every houseplant is created equal with similar needs, which makes the job of a plant parent a bit complicated. Every plant needs different care, especially when talking about water and sunlight. Some plant lovers might be under the impression that your plants demand tons of water and light to survive, but that's not the complete truth. Various low-light plants easily survive in the shadiest, darkest areas of your home or office. Following plants grow best and much faster when they receive less light and are tolerant and forgiving in most conditions.

Spider Plant

No houseplant list is complete without considering the most tolerant, trusty, and gorgeous spider plant. It is a gorgeous and graceful indoor plant that creates a strong statement anywhere. You can locate it on a tabletop or a mantel, or with its beautiful arching leaves, you can use them as a hanging plant.

Chinese Evergreen / Aglaonema

Although Chinese evergreen doesn't require a ton of light to survive, it won't thrive well in hot, dry conditions. It's a tropical plant, which means it loves a humid and warm environment. Ideally, the temperature ranges should be between 70°F to 72°F.

Calathea Rattlesnake

Calathea rattlesnake is a tabletop-friendly plant. It has a two-tone patterned appearance resembling reptile skin. This plant doesn't prefer sunlight to strike in its leaves, making it great for low-light environments. However, there is nothing to fear. Even though it is named after the venomous snake, calathea, with its glossy greens, is a completely safe and pet-friendly plant.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is a small yet mighty plant known as the Devil's Ivy as it is immune to death. It means it can survive under extreme fluorescent office lights, less light, or even without light at all. It also forgives when it doesn't receive water for a few weeks. Who doesn't want these tough guys? Sure, everyone does!

Peperomia Obtusifolia

When provided with the right care, such as low, indirect sunlight, and weekly watering, your peperomia plant will thrive some gorgeous white flowers. However, if you have a windowsill or sunny spot nearby, that's fine, too, as it can thrive well in medium sunlight.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird's nest fern is a be-all and end-all of indoor plants. They have been thriving around in various light and water conditions for millions of years now. Fern plants, in particular, grow in low light spots. It is important to pay attention to their leaves to see if they are getting excessive light. The more crinkled their leaves are, the less light exposure they need.

Modern Bamboo

Modern bamboo of a symbol of luck, growth, and prosperity. These plants are beloved to bring good health and positive energy to any room. They prefer to grow in low light with slightly moist soil.

Nerve Plant

The nerve plant is a small leaf variety that naturally thrives as ground cover in its native South America. It requires a huge amount of water and shade to thrive well, making it great for small pots, windowsill planters, and terrariums.

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